lördag 25 maj 2013

Ars Macabra - III

And like a cut through the sky the the third occult opus from Ars Macabra begins!

Some have a theory that it is a good sign when a record starts right off without any intro or stuff, well i cant really say i share that belief but this is one of those "signs"!

The hellish twister of blasting drums and desperate growls and dissonant riffing guitars march right over
your skull and crushes it, so fans of like Katharsis, Deathspell Omega & Flagellated Seraph will feel right at home.... or do they?
Cuz towards the end of the first song things start to change.... pleasant surprised i heard parts with inspirations of 70´s progressive rock as King Crimson and THAT was not something i thought would pop up here. It works like a witch-charm and song after song has many experimenting interludes and bridges and what not whitout losing any of the satanic epic assault.

It is done with both introspective struggling and outrospective violence, it is both intimate and has something for every connoisseur of brutal and exploring black metal.

The dynamic on the whole album also shines well and the second best thing is that this album grows after every listening and that is something that many artist strives for but not succeed.

Buy it and listen & listen again because this is good.
And by the way you can find an interview with the mastermind  Sathor here at RAW WAR just a few days back.

My three best (hard to choose) tracks is: 1, 5, 9


1.    Cursed Paradigm        
2.     Fire of Seraphim        
3.     Cerum Luciferi        
4.     Illuminati        
5.     Ubique Daemon Ubique Deus        
6.     Panpsychic Khaos        
7.     Deneb (Alpha Cygni)  instrumental
8.     Thanatos Projection        
9.     Manifestation of the Curse        
10.     With Fires of Titan        

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