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Ars Macabra Interview!

Straight from the land that one of the true evils still prosper namely Italy Rome with the pope and his hollow followers comes a art of the macabre....

As a cut through the putrid catholic air comes Ars Macabra forth with a great thunder & might!

First i want to say that your new third full album "III" sounds menacing good & harrowing dissonant!
( a review will be posted here soon!)

1. How has the overall reception been towards it?

- Personally I am satisfied, We are receiving good feedbacks and  many from people from all over.One thing that make you more confident with the music that you do is when your work is appreciated from the most variety of individual that have different tastes different background and different attitude. 

When there is something that cant be denied is that the work that you have done has something where is like the sound,the melodies, the feeling that you are able to create the themes that you are able to make understand, something  is hard but "III", is a solid work , period.

2. Describe the themes that run deep as red through "III".

- Basically, just some references to Chaos Magical consciousness , its fulcrum is finding patterns and meaning where others don't.
crash most modern life paradigm, linking psychosis and madness , creativity and genius. The deconstruction and demolition of the "Being".

- Prometheus -Lucifer !

3. As this is your third full album how did the creative process go compared to your previous works go?

- I really wanted for the creation of the songs take the necessary calm and concentration to really bring into sounds the feelings
that constantly vibrates within my and the band's aura, after all , music as I perceive it , has to be like that, is a matter of approach and capturing something, a sterile ,rationalistic approach I consider it a failure.

The less we talk and rationalize, the  more we let to the right  things happen , and music is not excluded. So this to explain that this time I dived completely in the right mood I didn't take any shortcut all I had to pleasure to me as a listener forgetting everything else, you got to lower a lot your ego to do properly that something I rarely notice these days all over especially in the artistic field.

4. Tell me little about how you choose & came in contact with the illustrator & album designer P.

- Was just a proposal of the label that we agreed with, so it just fitted our idea ,concept and visual , I didn't know that much work from Perversor before but I must say he surprised me a lot with this excellent work.

5. By the way, i know you paint & draw yourself Mr Sathor! Tell me little of your work for the fanzine Sadistic Noise.

- Was a long time ago, there was a lot of genuine enthusiasm and I loved it! I was more into comics etc Sadistig the zine editor was enthusiastic of my work so we collaborated on a solid base until we could. I was into putting a lot of graphic violence and blasphemy and doing that on a paper  was much more rewarding especially when was associated with occult articles on magic and witchcraft with a naive approach but still a good start.

6. As you live in Rome Italia a place where real old and active catholicism prolongs and have power how has that shaped you as a person and do you think that this "hotspot" of catholicism make the black metal existence more important in a way...
 I mean when the big enemy is just around the corner you take the war more serious.... (or some just give up i presume?)
                ( AAHH! I miss that last pope! he looked almost as a cute living corpse.)

- Absolutely, as we think of black metal  today not only is a pretty new phenomenon itself  alone can not be considered the only enemy (and if it is then actually…) to Catholicism.
It is not a matter of what kind of music you listen to or what kind of lifestyle you choose to live , there is must be something more consistent to represent an enemy to a mass religion .

Black Metal seems many times to  focus excessively  on itself and not care enough the spiritual aspect , fails often  in awaking consciousness that could endanger catholicism or christianity dogmas, looks like Black metal today rely more on just a lot of "props".
Take apart each and every individual from the black metal context and analyze their real life, do you think they tact in a way that destabilize  any church or religion?

The roots of the freedom from any mass religion resides in also being able to detach and disrupt the ego and self

7. Besides your BM band inspirations tell me some other types of bands that you have or still like?

- from the early 70s Led Zeppelin ,King Crimson, to the metal of the  80s the early black bands as Mercyful Fate,Venom also on other styles Swans,Current 93,Coil, to new bands like Arktau Eos,Aural Hologram and Halo Manash all sort of stuff no limit...

8.And is there any specific literature that you like that goes hand in hand with Ars Macabra creations?

- At the moment a clear link of association can be made with literature on the chaos magic but not exclusively.

9. Please tell us about the split "Nil Sine Deo" you did in 2011 with Cosmic Ekpyrosis (From Greece), and how did you come in contact with Grom Records? (that also releases Mephorash)

- We just got in contact with this Serbian label which proposed us to do this split with C.E. we were very glad of doing that  since music and theme wise we are very similar, actually I was quite surprised by the good quality and professional attitude of the Greek guys I like a lot their music.
I am not that familiar with Mephorash though , sorry.

10. How come you showed up in the Norwegian TV documentary Svart Metal?

- Wasn't me but some of my drawings I did for Sadistic zine, at that time there weren't that many dedicated zines apart from Metalion and another couple so the documentary pointed at theme as the background literature that were circulating within those bands at that time in Norway.

11. How does the plans look for this year now? Gigs and stuff?

- We are looking for some gigs right now to at least promote a bit the album, , but it looks like that there are a tons of cliché ,stereotypes and commercial exploiting mentality behind all that , that are hardly to overcome ,is a giant circus where very few individuals  desire to give underground bands a stage unless there is a speculation of some kind behind… so we will do what is feasible we cant pay to play or prostitute ourself .
I have different material to arrange I cant wait to start recording new stuff to tell you the truth.

12. And the final words is yours.

- Thank you for your time and interest in Ars Macabra , I think we need more of zines like RawWar.

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