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Djevelkult Interview!

From fire & brimstone new steel forges with the purpose is to slay the lambs of god!
One of those steels is Djevelkult from Norway!

1. Hails!

   So you are in the last stages in recording your first full album?
   Did everything go alright in the studio?

- Ave.

That's right, we've just a couple of vocal tracks left to do, then the recording itself is complete, and then the songs are ready for mixing and mastering. 
It has gone quite alright, with little trouble. I could prefer to have more time in the studio to make small changes here and there, but it is of no matter. We are paying for the whole recording itself, so the time is a bit limited since we’re recording in a serious studio, with two most professional technicians, Nils Harald Mæhlum and Ove Husemoen. 
They both have work with many of the Urgehal albums, and they really know their stuff.

2. Have you been in contact with any label now to get this devilish beast out on the streets? (...shops.)

- We have been in contact with some, but we’re going to make much greater effort when the album is done, and we will make a promo with a couple of songs and send it around to various labels. It’s a method that’s become usual to do in these days, and it seems to have payed off for other bands. Then the labels will know what we have to offer.

3. Describe your albums internal fire?
    What kind of themes run through it and what kind of experience did you get working on it?

-The music itself I will categorize in two parts, we have those songs that are sheer brutality, music inspired by bands like Tsjuder, Marduk, Katharsis, Urgehal, Antaeus and so on inspired, with fast riffs, brutal and powerful drums. And on the other part we have songs with a more typical Norwegian black metal touch, like Taake, Kampfar, Ragnarok, Ljå and so on feeling. 
And you can say the same about the themes in lyric of the songs, for the hard songs I choose to have more blasphemous lyrics towards religion and to the life itself. And on the other part I try to make more tales of darkness surrounding life itself and a longing for death. I always try to make the lyrics reflect my mind, on the matter of everything. 

So on with the music, I try to live my feelings of hatred and despair for the life through the music. But of course, to finally be able to record the songs have been quite a satisfying experience. And it has been satisfying for my whole band too, although I run this band all the band members have done their part and influenced our music with their musical talents.

4. Is your first release the demo "Skapt av Helvetesild" that came out in 2011 a firm indication on how this album gonna sound as or has your style change? And what kind of response did you get from your demo?

-Well, we still play the same kind of black metal, but we have evolved as a band and the complexity of the songs has improved. But you can say that we’re a band that directs make a line from the demo, since some of the songs are quite old, at least on the riff part and the lyrics, from the time before the demo. 
We have in fact re-recorded the song ‘’Dødsriket’’ from the demo, we felt that the song is much better than it sounds on the demo, since the drums especially is not that hearable. 
But other songs are new and more advanced than those of the demo.

5.  I understand that Visceral Depths of Art will/has made your album cover, how did you come in contact with them and have you seen the result yet?
 If so are you satisfied? And by the way what will the album be called?
-Yes, in fact I just received a sketch with an idea for the cover art today, so we’ve just discussed some of the details of it, and I really have faith in that it will be amazing. The way we came in contact was that I saw the cover art Visceral Depths of Art had made for the band Svarthaueg, and I was quite impressed with his work, so found the person and made contact with him. 
The title for the album will be ‘’I Djevelens Tegn’’ (In the Sign of the Devil). It is the same title for one of the songs that appears on the album I wrote for some years ago.

6. How did your early year gigs this year in Hammerslag & A black night at Felix go? 

-Both gigs were great, with big attendance, and we preformed quite well would I claim. It really was two energetic rituals. And the bands Kirkebrann and Skaur are both great band to play alongside with.

7. Are you booked to more gigs this year? If so where & when?

-Not yet, we have been focusing on the recording for the coming album. But we will soon start to look for gigs for the summer/autumn.

8. If one like to get some Djevelkult t-shirt or something where do you turn? Who designed you neat logo?

-The shirt is sold out for now, we didn’t make that many copy of it, but after we are down with the payment for the album we will invest in some shirts again. 
The logo itself was made by Dáublódir of Gandreid and Skygge. We had it slightly modified afterward.

9. What kind of bands do you like thats from outside of our nordic countries? Is there some band that should be more know you think?

-Well, where shall I start? There are countless of good bands worldwide to mention, just in the black metal scene alone. But of course bands like Deathspell Omega, Inquisition, Wolves in the Throne Room, Black Witchery, Forgotten Tomb, just to mention a few of so many bands is bands I think that people that are into the black metal scene should have checked out.

10. You first bandname "Skadefryd" (2009-10) what doeas that name stand for? And why did you change?

-That is correct. The name ‘’Skadefryd’’ is a Norwegian word that translate into ‘’the pleasure of others suffering’’ a quite sadistic word. But it stood for me for hatred for all humans, and the joy of watching them all suffer. 

But, for me the named did give me a punkish vibe also, and I wanted a more blasphemous and satanic approach to it. And when the former drummer Drome was due for 2 years of imprisonment I saw a opportunity to make a change within the band when Ond joined our ranks.

11. Thanks for you time! Any last words?

-Thank you for setting up this interview and your support! 
And I want to hail my brothers in Kirkebrann/Svikt, Gandreid/Svadilfare/Skygge, Skaur, Svarthaueg, Endezzma, Dystopia Nå!/Hinsidig, and all out there whom support Djevelkult!

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