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Vobiscum Inferni Interview!

A pitch black chaos resonates from Brazil in an shape of satanic devotees gathered under the baptism Vobiscum Inferni!

1. Great infernal hails!
    First of i am really curious about how & when Vobiscum Inferni materialized on this earth?
    Where there any specific moment that you remember when you realized your path in life?
- It was the year 2005 In the cold forests of the west, where the slow decay devouring the flesh of victims immolated on the altar.
In cold weather stone was generated more umpure offspring of fire and damnation.
2005 ...
After some time of its revelation, fertilized in the cradle of rotting flesh between the scales of the ancient serpent ... The evil eye has launched its radius his first ray of gnosis brilliant!
With the office of the bowels of the belly of putrefaction was generated called the stillbirth (Gloria Sathanas Rex Infernus.) Wafers three matches in the coffin of frogs ...

2. What other kind of bands inspired you in the beginning and who inspires you now days?
- In the early '90s there were major releases!
The bands were more original than today!
I remember the great epics as Old * Samael, Master Hamer, Decide, Acheron, Sarcofago, Necromantia, Varathrom, Impaled nazarene*, Dark Throne*, Mayhem*, etc ...
Great inspirations from the past when black metal was creating forms!
Nowadays black metal had a huge change in every way.
Both musically as well as philosophically!
addressing several issues and cultures worship death.
Some bands I've heard today are Pseudogod, Chaos Invocation, Sanguinary Misathropia, Flagellant, Behexen, Erebus Enthroned, Blaze of perdition, Deathspell Omega, Watain * Nefandus, Teloch, Psalm666, Luxcaelis, Sargeist, etc

3. By looking at your extravagant promo photos one cant miss the extreme ritual feel to them!
    Can you tell me little about your satanic beliefs and what kind of "actions"  it does needs from
...and one wonders where you got all of them human/animal skulls from? It looks very grand anyway.

- I'm 37, and I'm involved in the practice of the black arts since he was 18.
known for having a family practitioner secular witchcraft and black arts I developed my way of knowledge and practice in these years.
developing these energies day day learning to separate from jealous vampires and energy I put myself in the way that unlike cattle going to slaughter!
The Vobiscum Inferni è a horde active in all its currents and has a serious commitment to his art evil, all your art is seriously devoted the black abyss entities.
His photos were always capitate after some sort of ceremony of worship of fire and blood.
had contact with several current ONA. Draconian flow, 218 azerate, Goetia Nigra and currently have dedicated and in-depth development of 131.Sancte Qayin, our teacher handed.
By whom our blade shines ...
For those who burn our candles ...
For whom our incense rises ...

4. Describe the themes and background to each of your hellish releases.
- Gloria Sathanas Rex Infernus ... infernal office 2006. The ars Diavoli in this tower burned his bones  stacked First Review pyre ...
His ashes were scattered in the four winds strong direction. with clouds of black pestilence, her birth was announced. 

The Temple first a preview of the Opus! 6 psalms of devotion to the abyss for higher purposes! 

Ordo Sinistrari et cutus pentaculum sanguine ... lapidated since his first prayer, worshiped in the bowels of the night and warm in the high flames of fire. with his intro and his six psalms an offering burned  offered entities abysmal.
The principle of the verb built by architecture hides. Containing the flames to elevated souls with black essence.
With their concealed weapons probably some understood. 
 For the greatness of his kingdom of fire and blood ...
An evolution at all levels. Our tree of death was nourished with the blood of hanged wombs of virgins, fetuses blind witches copulating with goats. With Woods created the fire to light our altar in the woods cold. Viewing the seals between the black flames invoke Psalms 6
catechism for Luciferian. Each of these 6 flames light candles, in this work shine our devotion. Which for its greatness ... we bleed! for those who do not know this black light, I urge you!
For a conexion to this great kingdom. one Orthodox vigil Luciferian.
With the stench of darkness and prayers to the devil.

 5. How does Brazil treat people with satanic beliefs and is there enough places to play on?
- I believe that everywhere the adept of the left hand has to keep his cult closed.
Especially not to attract ignorant people!
there are many cults here because we are a country of diverse cultures and beliefs.
Some covens practicing various currents.
A good space to show here!
Lately there has been good events and many European bands have played here! Watain, Mortuary Drape, Enthroned, Marduk, etc. ...
But we believe most of Vobiscum Inferni in a fire ceremony with Arosian black mass, something like that is what we are waiting for our first feast of the devil!

6. What does the near future of Noviscum Inferni hold? Is there some new music coming out or some oversea gigs maby?
- We are preparing for a split with the Sanguinary Misanthropia!
maybe another with Funeral Winds?
If we receive a good proposal for shows next year we will go to europe to accomplish our feast of the devil.

7. I would really like an black t-shirt with that red logo on, that would look super! Such a masterful designed logo! by the way can you tell us about the symbolism that your band logo inherit?

- You will!
  I was the creator of this hellish signature!
 Infamous horde called Vobiscum Inferni which means (in hell with you)
This contains two trident logo on each side, our arms satanic!
And the three secrets of the trinity of the abyss!
Lucifer, and Astaroth Belzebulb.
Distributed in the form of an altar, and of course the secrecy of baphomet the large cap the well of souls.
I believe the logo is very important that our hope does justice.

8.  Is there any Brazilian horde that you like to shine some light on that deserves more focus?

- There are many good bands here!
But I do not belong to the black metal scene in Brazil, I do not like with the topics covered by them.
I like the prose built for the worship of our Lord left and themes Orthodox.
there are few that caught my attention here, Vulturine and Ain Soph Aur are some.

9. Thanks for this interview! May you succeed with your agendas and goals!
    Any last words?

- Thanks to you for giving me this space!
I wish you many victories in his black path.
The Vobiscum Inferni was generated in 2005 since it comes to showing your oficium nigrum.
I hope people seeking music Necrosophiac Orthodox devoted entities abyss find us.
Soon our material will be spread in Europe through the black souls like yours.
Lucifer illuminatio Mea.

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