torsdag 16 maj 2013

Moonkult Interview!

Deep from the Finnish vast & old forests the Moonkult comes forth!

1. Thanks for doing this interview!
    How is it now under this album "Profane Nightmare of Seers" release days? Hectic?

- Thank you! Well, somewhat hectic. There have been now representations of the songs on two radio channels (Radio Heretica and Radio Revolta) also there has been talks that Moonkult will be given radio time on Radio Killers channel and there are new songs on the works as well. I have been in contact with some zines for reviews and one other interview is coming. Also, I'm composing new songs for a coming split release.

2. As i understand Moonkult was first a one man band and released one demo called "Teers of Seers", how & when & why did you connected with the rest of the current high quality( comes from Azaghal, Wyrd, Malicious etc) line-up?

- Well, I met Niflungr after their gig in Steelfest 2012. After that we remained in contact and then when I needed somebody to play bass for "Profane Nightmare of Seers" debut album I asked him and he agreed. Riku Polameri(known as R.I.P in Moonkult) I had met earlier in some ordinary beer party which I can't really remember exactly and I had been in contact with him occasionally. After I (Moonlord Akhkharu) released "Tears of Seers" demo in summer 2012 which was done with drum machine he heard it and he thought it needed real drums. 
Then I said I have enough material to make an album, so we started rehearsing the songs and then we recorded drums and guitars.
Of course all of us are from the same town in Finland, known as Hyvinkää.Up to this point Niflungr and R.I.P have been just session members but atleast Niflungr is now a full member of Moonkult.

3. Describe the Moonkults new and first full albums sound & aim?

- Aim for the first album "Profane Nightmare of Seers" was basically to make Black Metal in the style of the beginning of the 90's, to stand out against the "modernization" of the scene. But I wanted to spice it up a bit so I made a story album and the goal was to make the songs represent different parts of the story. I also had a very ambitious plan to make the songs to create varied emotions in the listener and to add the story like lyrics then the listener could vision a "movie" in his/her head.

So I was planning to make a musical dark fantasy short story. This I didn't implement too much though and I wanted to have unity in the album so instead majority of the riffs are made with a "punk" formula. The basic 3 or 4 chord riff formula spiced with minor chords, of course there is some dissonance effect created with two guitars so it's not that straight forward. Some variation between songs there is anyway.

4. How did you come in touch with the superb artist Rafael Tavares who did your cover art?

- He did the cover art for Azaghal's "Nemesis" album and also made a t-shirt art for them. So I was searching for an artist and then Narqath and Niflungr suggested me to contact him. Rafael also did the art for Moonkult t-shirt which is just modification of the album cover art.

5. I am a bit curious about the music you work on to the split! What i understand will this songs be a bit different from the albums?
   Tell about the artistic goal here & which band do you share this split with?

- The other band is a hungarian one-man band called Solus. At first I made some songs with a new style, I tried somewhat using the methods that Hollywood uses to create movie music.
Then I couldn't even myself get a hold on what is going on in the songs, there were no clear structures and one song had almost like 10 riffs... So now I toned it down and I am trying to approach songwriting  just with variation in the moods of the parts in a song. 

Let's see what comes out :D
But I think there is not too big difference to what is on the debut album, still mainly dark and aggressive Black Metal I suppose.
Rehearsals for this split start in June and I hope to have it mixed down by July. Same timeline for Solus as well.

6. Do you have any gigs planned now under this coming tormenting summer?

- No gigs planned and Niflungr and R.I.P have been busy with their other bands, Azaghal and Malicious respectively.

7. There seems to be an forever stream of black metal bands from Finland these days and many of them is grueling good also if i may say so, whats your own opinion about the BM climate in your home country?

- Well, the biggest (and oldest) bands in Finland I guess still continue to make stuff in their own style. I really liked Baptism's new album "As the Darkness Enters". Also I have heard Horna's new album as well as Behexen's new album but to me they didn't strike as good as their earlier stuff was. 
Luckily in Finland we don't have(anymore) some sell out acts, instead bands stick tightly with the underground and many bands still maintain the poor production even though there are computers etc.

8. apart from the obvious great bands is there any new band or bands that should get more focus then they gets?

- There have already come great new releases from bands in Hyvinkää(the town in Finland) this year and more are to come!
To name some of them: Sawhill Sacrifice, Hautakammio, Kalmankantaja etc.

9. And you have the last word!

- Long live our original true pagan spirit!

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