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Förgjord Interview!

From the gripping cold dimensions of honor & hate the force of Förgjord is unleashed and it will not let you go!

1. Greets!
How is the work going on the new second split of yours? With whom do you share space with this time?

We just got it recorded, last part were the vocals and we got them done week or two ago. At the moment we are waiting it to get mastered. Have to say that this was our fastest sessions, it took only two months to record those songs. 

Last full-length “Sielunvihollinen” took almost two years to get done, from first drum track to final curses. We just have our special way of working and sometimes things take longer than they should. But when we do everything by our own and don’t use any studios, schedules nor promises, we can record whenever we want. It needs special mood to make this kind musick and not every opportunity is a right one. 

When we took third member to the band, we just wanted to do smaller release, split or MLP or EP. Just to see how things start working with him. And it went really well, our chemistry worked perfectly and everyone can hear that Förgjord has more energy than ever. So when fire burns bright, we just went on and on songs were ready in no time.
I bet that some people will say that its most likely our best material. So its interesting to hear that it took over 15 years to make our strongest material. But this wont end here, now we know how to work and give everything to it. 
But no, I won’t reveal the name of other band we are doing this split, not yet. Be patient. 
But it isn’t the band that we chose to co-operate cause we do same kind musick or anything shallow like that, but its cause we are close comrades of them and been talking about doing split for many years. 
Now the time is right, now is time to strike.

2.The earlier split "Uskon Kuolema" (2009) that you did with Musta Kappeli was brutal cold as one would suspect but can you tell a bit of its lyrics?
The sample thats in it from who and where is it from? From what i can understand its about
adultery in catholic churches.

-The lyrics tell about man of Christ who have sinned and knowing that secrets have been exposed and soon he is getting what he deserves. So one stormy night he takes the shortest way by walking down the woods with pistol in his hand. 
But when he turns the barrel to his forehead, the sorrow drops him to his knees and tears start to fall, it isn’t so easy after all to end ones own life. And till the very end he awaits the miracle to happen that could save him, but nothing happens and finally he pulls the trigger. Those lyrics were written by our vocalist and he has his own visions and way of saying things. So translating Förgjord lyrics to English is quite hopeless. In finnish language there is not just what has been said but also how its said. Lost in translation, as they say.
Don’t remember which documentary we took the sample. But its authentic police recording of one pedophile priest scum. May he rot in hell.

3.Some how is the new members doing? Do they melt together well in your mesmerizing darkness?
How did you hook up and came to this conclusion?

-They are fine. Me and Prokrustes been like brothers since kids and together we found bands like Mötley Crue, WASP, Dio and others. And years later thrash metal and later death metal and finally stepped deeper in the world of black metal. So it’s a matter of course that we have samekind taste in musick. It was time before internet and even compact discs, so finding new musick was really hard. Especially in small town which didn’t had many metalheads nor good record store. So there wasn’t any musick that other had which other hasn’t already dubbed to his own collection.

About our new drummer, BLK, he is right man for this band. Haven’t known him personally too long time but knew his musick, way of playing and most importantly, his way of thinking & ideologies for some time. 
We’ve been in contact for some time and earlier this year asked if he wanted to join us. He agreed to try if things starts to work well and it did, very well indeed. Few of my closest friends are also really great drummers who would gladly joined to us, but for me its not just how good musician someone is, black metal and especially Förgjord is much deeper than just “playing good musick”. Fuck that, its opposite, black metal is first about ideology and secondary musick. Its BLACK metal, not black METAL if you know what I mean. 
Anyway, so even if we could get capable drummer nearer, we decided to take one from city nearby. And we, me and Prokrustes, haven’t regret that decision. Fratrest militia inferi isn’t just two brothers anymore.

4. As i am not the best at finnish can you explain a bit on the two songs "Suohauta" and "Tulilahti 1959"?
The finnish newspaper clips is a clue on this subject i guess...

-“Suohauta” and “Tulilahti” tell the stories of two of most wellknown murder mysteries. “Suohauta” (“swamp grave”) is about girl named Kyllikki Saari who disappeared on his way of home from church’s evening happening in 1953. Months later her half naked and rotten corpse were found on shallow, marshy grave. “Tulilahti 1959” had samekind story. Two young women disappeared in Tulilahti’s camping area in 1959 and soon their corpses were found from samekind shallow grave as Kyllikki Saari’s corpse. Those murders touched whole Finland in their time and even now, half century later people are still speculating who the murderers were and what had really happened. 
Even I have my own theories of some of the suspects. Those two cases with murders of lake Bodom are the Jack the Rippers of Finland.

Needless to say that I’m obsessed with those kind of cases and want to make tribute to them. Dying, tragedies and suicides are part of finnish heritage and represents our nation perfectly. In this new material we have song that tells the story of Juhani Aadaminpoika, first and only finnish serial killer. In 1849 he brutally killed 12 persons in less than two months killing spree, including his own mother, little sister and little brother. He never regret anything .

5. As you have been around since the middle of the 90´s how do you feel the finnish BM climate have changed?

-As an outsider i feel that Finland has grown stronger and stronger with many great hordes, if one have an urge for really cold and harsh quality BM your turn to your country.

In mid nineties we knew only the big finnish names and only few smaller ones. It was something like 1997-1998 when we got to know some underground and noticed how many great bands there were. Some of those bands are still going strong and its great when one have seen where they came from and what they have now obtained.
We have great bands, great labels and most importantly, great individuals. But also back stabbers and shit talkers. Luckily situation isn’t so bad anymore than it was some years ago. Finland is small country with 5 million citizens and underground is like a network. So everyone know atleast someone who know someone. And when finnish nature is that mans word can be trusted, the liers and shit talkers usually get what they deserve. 

6.And besides that how do you feel your own creative black flame have been sculptured since your band birth to now?

-Hopefully it haven’t changed at all. I hate to rehearse and don’t try to be better musician with my instrument cause I want our musick to be brutal and unpolished but still melodic and dramatic. But have to say that we have grown as individuals and our lyrics have changed from very simple destruction to more thoughtful texts with message. 
You know, when something gets killed without deed its worthless, one have to have reasons and goals for it and something have to be destroyed if one needs to create something new. Lyrics are the tools of satan in us and our way of spreading his propaganda. 

7.Other then the coming split is there some working on the next album or Ep?

-Because recordings of split went so smoothly, we shall start composing songs for full length in near future. But not until the split is out, only after that we can concentrate on new songs.

8. Is there gigs booked for you to play this year?

-No, not for this year and not for years after that. 

9.I saw your sweet "Sielunvihollinen" t-shirts, will there be a new for the split?

-We shall see. Been done some graphics to this split release and they should fit perfectly to shirts. But that is our labels decision. Even if we have interest to make some DIY shirts, we don’t have time or resources to do them. 

10. Thanks for all your answers! Best of luck!
Any final frosty words?

-Thanks for your interest and support towards Förgjord.

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