onsdag 17 juli 2013

Waldschrat Interview!

1.HAILS! Only a few days left until the DarkMoon Festival kicks off. I guess you guys are already looking forward to it? Any specific bands you’re looking forward to?

-We were really forward to it, but unfortunately we had to cancel the Show due to job-related reasons.

2. As i understand Waldschrat is formed by members from Black Forest? To make a long story short what happened between BF and the return in 2012?

-T.R., the Mastermind behind Black Forest and I formed Waldschrat back in 2009, because my ideas weren’t really fitting for Black Forest. Due to time-related reasons, we unfortunately had to stop with both projects. From 2010 to 2012 I was also involved in another project, but after this one split up as well, I called Waldschrat back to life in 2012 with a completely new Line-Up.

3. You released your first 3-track demo, “Der alte Pfad”, in 2009. Was it self-released? Can you tell me something about the songs?

-Yes, it was self-released, but in bad quality. The songs back then sounded a lot different than today. The thrash and folk influences were very high. I’m pretty some fans would be shocked if they would listen to our old songs!

 4. And now some years later your first full album "Nostagie.Resonanz" is released through Talheim Records (Seelenfrost, Portae Obscuritas, etc). Describe the records soul and blood.

-Nostalgie.Resonanz is very melancholic, but still aggressive. Our music is like a mirror to ourselves, it reflects our feelings and thoughts. The album contains a mixture of all our musical ideas we created over the last year, but one important message always pops up: Freedom. In a world where we are monitored, supervised and enslaved, without even noticing, it is time to stand up and fight for what is our right: The freedom to decide ourselves what we want to do and how we want to live!

5. Whats the story behind the mythical being that you named your band after?

-A Waldschrat is a kind of forest-demon, he destroys decadent people who seek to destroy his world, but helps poor people who walk upright and honourable through their lives. Furthermore, some of the legends from our home relate him to Wotan’s wild hunt. Therefore he was also deeply anchored in the Germanic Mythology.

6. How does the plans look like after the coming show?

-We still have several upcoming gigs this year. In Winter, we’ll hit the studios once again to record a few songs for a Split-Cd.

7. How does the creative process look like for the band? Is there one leader or is it a collective sphere of energy?

-We work together on our songs. Often, someone has an idea or a riff, and everyone else then puts his own ideas and refineries into it.

8. Where do you see the band in 5 years? It feels like its growing stronger....

-This is a very hard question to answer. Half a year ago, we would have never expected to be at the point we are right now. So who could say where we are in 5 years?
We’ll see!

9. Thanks for the interview! Keep the war raging!

-I thank you!

Any last comments?

-Stand up and fight for your freedom!

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