söndag 14 juli 2013

Patronymicon - All Daggers Towards The Sky

I dont know whats with this sick year 2013 but besides from all kinds of bad shit that happens really good music is poring out! And this time its poring out from the Swedish hellbringer Patronymicon, this record is their second full length (first one "Prime Omega" was released 2011) and i gladly must say its damn good and a big step up in quality since last time (and that i already liked)!

The reasons why this kicks jehovas ( or whatever bastard you choose ) butt in a hard way is:
 All songs are well structured and builds both great in tension and dark atmosphere (not just blasting all the way), all songs stands out great by themselves and fits at the same time perfectly together, there are also many interesting & varied parts inside every track and sometimes an almost "deathish" vibe & rythm smashes forward and circulates and intertwines with the flames of blackness. The singing is cold but at the same time desperate in a sincere pissed-off way. And even that it is somewhat easy to get into it grows after each listen.

All in all it feels that this was made under a quite dark time and also a time with much creative input.
Also feels like a "searching" album and i get some Flagellated Seraph vibes from some parts of this...
and thats not a bad thing.

 The production is a good mix of raw and meaty, it lunches out a hard & gritty punch in other words!

 If i had to (which i dont) to choose only just one song from this year (so far) it actually would we track three "Fortifications Failed", it has such great melodies and delicate black song construction. I get a craving to listen to this more then often.
Then i would choose song 5 & 6... but all is good evil shit.

And i get a feeling that they would be a blast to see live....hope i get that opportunity.

Track list:

1.     Balamuthia Mandrillaris 
2.     World Closure         
3.     Fortifications Failed         
4.     The Great Pestilence         
5.     Mourning Cold        
6.     Unleash Hells Fire         
7.     Age Of Contamination         

Great artwork too!

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