torsdag 25 juli 2013

Dødsfall – Djevelens Evangelie

As i really liked the Ep "Kronet i svart eld" i was feverishly awaiting this third full album from the ungodly creator and ruler of  Dødsfall - Ishtar- !  And my worries about a new singer to fill the shoes of V-REX (which was great and fitting)  showed itself was unfounded because Adramelech (Svarthaueg) do here a superb job of aggravating Jesus lovers and other weaklings with his mighty & salty vocals.

One of the first things i notice is that this third album has leaved most of the coldness and downbeat atmosphere in order to straighten the spine and crawl out from the shadows and aim for a more proud satanic warcry!
Besides my small bewilderment from that my mindset was on to getting more of the style of the splendid previous Ep i got easly engrossed in "Djevelens Evangelie"!

It´s frontline actions that is moving holy mountains here has many great melodic riff structures that is drenched in nice menacing vibes. The drums is pumping in a nice variety of styles and not just blasting its way to nirvana, the songs lenght is through out between 4-5 minutes and they never become unfocused  or boring. Seems like they were clear in mind for the final grandeur of sound.... if there were any clouds in sight they were quickly devoured and disintegrated.

Yes this feels Norwegian (as it should) but they dont only give hails to their glorious past but also take it a step forward with a "true" streanght & self confidence (flying sharp guitar solos will pop up!)

Get this rocking (no its not black ´n roll) both traditional hateful and freshly anti-christian offering!
As always its unjustifiable to only pick 3 tracks from an album but i do it anyways.
Then it is: 5, 7, 9.


1.     Azerate         
2.     En hymn til døden         
3.     Slangens kall         
4.     I et endeløst kaos         
5.     Djevelens evangelie        
6.     Svart magi         
7.     Stemmer fra tidens skapelse        
8.     I djevelens tegn    
9.     I det lyset går ned  
 Total running time is closing in on almost 43 well-spent minutes. Released as before on Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

The surprisingly qualitative music year of 2013 continues....

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