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Sattvarium Interview!

Let the finnish sweeping darkness embrace you on this dry summer saturday.

1. Greetings!

Can you first tell me little of your existence, when and where did your journey take its start?

-Greetings! I exist and live in South Karelia, Finland. After years of studying and practicing music and instruments, I tried to form a band a couple of times. Things didn't go really well, so I kept practicing. The journey of Sattvarium began when I got a simple recording equipment at the end of the last year. The first songs came out at the beginning of this year.

2. ...and what kind of events & bands forged your path towards the dark & black side of music?
And as i understand you are a one-man band?

-Understanding the fact that what kind of world we live in. So, it has felt natural to me to listen the dark music for as long as I can remember. I can't only say for certain bands, however mostly Norwegian-, Swedish,- and Finnish black/death metal bands. Yes, Sattvarium is a one-man band.

3. As you already have released several songs into the free world of the web one can feel that you
have enough material to release a full album or at least a Mcd/Ep, have you been in contact with some label?

-Fortunately we have the internet and freedom in that sense. I have planned to start making a full album or Ep in the future, possibly next winter or next year. No, I haven't been in contact with any label and at the moment I won't. I enjoy working alone and without schedules. But in the future, I'm not sure. We'll see.

4. Can you describe your type of BM, what kind of lyrics/beliefs does you soul emit?

-The lyrics deal with Satanism, esotericism, misanthropy, my life philosophy and beliefs.

5. What does the band name mean/stand for literally and for you personally?

-Sattvarium doesn't mean anything in any language. Coincidentally I ended up with this name. Meaning is personal and motivational for me.

6.Whats Myrkvud?

-Myrkvud (mirky+wood) is a large, and dangerous forest in the Scandinavian mythology. When I tried to form the band for the first time (2011), I used that name. Myrkvud's story was quite short because technical problems totally surprised me and ruined everything.
Nowadays I call some of South Karelian forests Myrkvud.

7. How does the local BM-climate looks like at the part of Finland that you resides in?

-I think black metal is really alive in South Karelia. At least here are many well-known BM bands (Horna, Hoath, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Goatmoon...) and possibly many more less well-known bands.

8.How looks the rest of this damn year for you?

-Everything looks great! I'll continue making songs. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons and I look forward to a great motivation.

9. Thanks for this interview!

Last word is yours.

-Thank you for your interest!

Creations can be found in
www.youtube.com/sattvarium and www.reverbnation.com/sattvarium
In the future I'll open the homepages: www.sattvarium.webs.com

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