onsdag 24 juli 2013

Ondfødt Interview!

Finland has a new hellspawn!

As your first Ep "I" has been out in the free cold world now how has the response been? I myself thinks its a good & meaty debut that gets you want more. A salty mix of the second wave and personal brutality, i even get some feelings of Ofermod & Grá.

- The response has been quite overwhelming. The EP was sold out soon after it was released. We were indeed a bit surprised first of how fast the music started spreading. The massive interest was one of the many things that made us realize the strength and potential of our music.

2. If we take it from beyond...the debut, how do you to lads meet up and what kind of music connected your sinister minds?

-We first met at a bar in Pietarsaari and soon realized that we had the same taste in music as well as musical visions. 
A year after that we decided to start a really raw black metal project and a couple of days after that we were in recording the EP and once that was done we released it. 
Our influences are mostly from the Swedish and Norwegian Black Metal Scenes. Bands like: Dissection, Watain, Marduk, Tsjuder and Mayhem, are bands that should be mentioned. We are also influenced by lots of other stuff such as Old-school Thrash, Old-school Death Metal and Grindcore.

3. I see your full album is rescheduled until sometime in 2014, what was in your way?

- The first date we were planning turned out to be overly optimistic. The creation of music is a long process that should not be rushed. Other reasons are that we have not been able to make music and record it as frequently as before in the summer due to distances. Also after discussing with the label that will be releasing it, we came to the conclusion that it will be most convenient this way.

4. Can you shed some light over what the listener will witness when experience the coming album...if that is not to early to tell? And has it been baptised to some title yet?

- On the full-lenght we will delve even deeper into the darkness, hatred and aggression we are expressing within our music. The album will surely be a journey not to be missed. As for titles and such that will be presented when the time is right.

5.About this years gigs, where and when will they take place?

- In the near future... We have no confirmed gigs as of yet, but there is interest both in Finland and abroad.

6. How is Pietarsaari to be active in? And is there any other bands one should know of coming from your town?

- Pietarsaari is a small town that lacks venues and events for extreme music. So for gigs we are ready to do some traveling. There are a couple of noteworthy bands from the Pietarsaari area. Such as Gangrened, The Iniquity Descent, Chthonian and Magenta Harvest.

7. Have you talked to any label to getting a proper release for the album?

- There has been interest from several labels. 
   However one of them is more interesting for us than the others.

8. Pick a stage-prop that would be perfect for your live rituals but can be a bit hard to fix or be allowed to have.

-We will be using occult themes and satanic symbolism in our liveperformances. 
As for stageprops we will use whatever it takes for us to deliver the same feeling of anger and pure hatred that is the foundation of Ondfodts music. We have many ideas about elements within our live rituals but we will leave that for you to witness there.

9. So i guess you will work hard this year with the record and gigs, is there any other activities you are attending?

- It requires lots of time to record, rehearse and do gigs. So unless something unexpected pops up, that will be our main priorities this year.

10. Thanks for your time! Last words?

- Thanks for your support. If you wish to contact us you can do so via our mail at:      (Ondfodt666@gmail.com).
Also you will find us on facebook for more news and gig announcements! 

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