söndag 22 september 2013

Carthaun Interview!

So how is it hanging in Carthaun camp?
are you maybe secretly composing new cannon fodder for the next release?

-Indeed! I finally found a new guitarist and drummer in Cologne, where I have lived for a few years now. We are working on a split that will be released in October via GodeaterRecords if everything will work out as planned. Furthermore there will be some gigs in the next months.

2. I guess you are looking forward to the Little Devil gig in september with Gestalte, Celesterre & Asgrauw?

-Of course, it’ll be a pleasure to play after 5 years of abstinence.

3. So... you have been active now for like 13 years?! Thats a accomplishment in itself i think but lets give your respective releases a little brief description of theme and how it was at the time creating them and the responses from the outside world!

4.Demo 2004:

- A small demo, self-produced with poor means. Raw and simple stuff- we started using poems as lyrics, mainly about nature and war - we had no permanent guitarist at this time and we could not play or promote the songs live, therefore there was not much feedback - we only gave some copies to a few friends and one or two Fanzines and sold maybe 10 – I remember a review that said “quite okay”- whatever that means – I don’t know if anyone really liked it. 

5. Demo 2005:

- Was only a small promo to get some ideas on cd and send them to some labels.

6. Einheit 2005:

 - Few months later “Powerrocker Records” was interested in releasing the first album, we recorded it in their studio, which meant better sound quality compared to the demos – apart from that there was not much development, still raw and simple stuff.

- 7. Blutt und Threnen 2008:

 - Self-produced second album – not as harsh as the releases before. I started using samples between the songs to install an atmosphere that fits the lyrics of the next song or let’s say “connects” each song. 
We again used a lot of poems and the album was divided in chapters.

8. Brachland 2012:

 - Third album, which developed quite long and is more personal than the others. I could not find steady members, thus I had to arrange most songs on my own. 
Once again I used self made samples and several archaic instruments between the songs to give the album a deary, dense atmosphere. I wanted the audience to experience the sound of war and battle but also the effects that war has on human life and landscape: emptiness, loneliness, desolation. It’s up to you to decide if I managed.

9. With all this years of enrichment carved in your soul (for good & bad), how would you say you have transformed from the man you were before to now?

- That’s hard to tell in a few sentences. 
To cut a long story short: the older you become, the easier life gets. I wasted a lot of time in the past by thinking about the so called “right ways”, how things should be done, look or sound and how they might be assumed, what people should or should not do and so on. 

- I don´t care about this today – I recognized that most things are not as important as they seem, including me and almost everything around me. 
Having this in mind I embrace the questions of life with a certain serenity, it makes me take things as they come - there is not the one and only right way – the only important thing is to stay true to oneself and to your principles.

10. How does the rest of this year look like?
Any more gigs then the one in september & if one likes to buy some band t-shirt etc where should one turn to?

 - We planned several gigs in the next months and I´m sure some more will follow. As I have already mentioned we´re looking forward to the next release and maybe there will also be new merchandise then. In the meantime you can get our stuff that’s already been released in several mailorders and online shops – seek and you shall find. 

11. Thanks for your time!
The final blast-off is yours!

- I thank you!!

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