måndag 9 september 2013

Korgonthurus Interview!

As the doors reopen to the harsh & vast landscapes in Finland one horrendous horde crawls out!

So how did the gig go earlier this month with Black Feast, Axeslaughter & Ruho? And was this also the first live gig Korgonthurus did in 5 years?
- Necron: Hails, The gig was a total success ! Great to be back on stage after five long years. Now that we have a real live line up, we are very eager to make more live shows.

2. Now when this manifested darkness have existed in around 13 years how would you say the band have changed from the start musically and as a "working"band?

- Necron: Of course we have grown a lot as a musicians and it has welded our composing skills together. Throughout the years we have had different people in our line up but finally, FINALLY, we are stronger than ever.

3.Do you feel you peel off one layer of hellish skinn after another with every release and as a result fall deeper into the void or maybe in the opposite direction?
Do you feel that it ends with a Catharsis by creating this music or is it to no help?

- Necron: In our case, every release is different. For example earlier material is more in to rockish material and on Marras and other split releases has been more melancholic than rockish. .

4. On the cover of your full album "Marras" (November) one sees a man drowned and sinking in an almost heavenly blissfull light, some say that drowning is the most peacefull way of dying.... and the albums overall feeling feels to me as one of the more downbeat creations Korgonthurus has made.
Two questions i have around this  is:
one: can you go into a bit on the contents of the lyrics here?
Two: Whats your thoughts around preferable ways of suicide ?

- Necron: I am wrong person to answer on this question, since lyrics are made by Corvus. If i remember correctly, Corvus made these lyrics after he was listening the midpart of the song, marraskyyneleet. Then he got huge inspiration to make lyrics that are in the song today.

- Kryth : Does it really matter how you die? If the result is death, it shouldn't be a dilemma to decide how it's achieved.

5.Who made the excellent bandlogo ? And whats the meaning behind the name Korgonthurus?

- Necron: Corvus has made the logo. . .

6. As i understand you are in full swing with new material? What can you say at this point about the new music? In what form will this incarnation show up in?

- Necron: New material is going to be a mixture of our debut EP and " Marras ". We have a new line up to record this album. Kryth on drums, Corvus on guitars and vocals, Inciscura on guitar Saturnus on lead guitar and i am on bass. So it will be total killer album, i can guarantee that.
We dont have a label to release it yet, but we are searching one. Some labels have shown their interest but still we havent found the deal that would be great for the album.

7. The next gig you have is in the 26 of october in the "Light Of The Black Sun" with Sacrificium Carmen, Gestalte, Azaghal, Shia-Ixa, Sacrilegious Impalement & Ancient Hatred.
Sounds like its gonna be a hell of a night!

- Necron: Yes, in Helsinki there is going to be Azaghal, Gestalte and Korgonthurus.
I bet its going to be a hell of a night!

8. Is there any other plans for the rest of this year? Any concerts outside Finland?

- Necron: We have had discussions about doing a small european tour with our slovenian friends but unfortunately our other projects demands so much time that we had to put that on hold.

9. If one like to get some sweet Korgonthurus t-shirt, where can one get one or will such things surface more when the next release is due?

- Necron: Some distros might sell, i have no idea.

10. Thanks for answering to all my interrogations!

- Necron: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

Last shriek is yours to make

- Necron: Keep your eyes open for our next attack !

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