onsdag 18 september 2013

Sarkrista - The Acheronian Worship

"From the forests of eternal mourning I came
To bless the holy creatures of dark might

So furious
So brute
The raging thoughts of a fiery soul

Hate and madness
Still in Me
Spark the torches of a new era"

It all begins with an melancholic & ancient sounding keyboard intro with some military drums hunting forward... a feeling of the old wolfs is reincarnating to violently take back whats rightfully theirs!

And thats just what you get! First song burst out in hunger for blood!
Grim emperoristic shrieking and commanding is the vocals which suits the compositions perfectly.
Everything really flows together in a stream of both harsh sounding tones and clear mixed epic & melodic melodies. This German satanic horde has evidently a soft spot for Finnish Black metal like sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Behexen, Horna etc which suits me more then well!
Even if this inspiration is clear Sarkrista dont fall into the boring hole of worshipping but instead brings new flesh to the sacrificial table.

The mixing as i said above a sweet mix of raw and balanced which means you hear all instruments well, drums is tight and alive and so is the guitar & vocals is brutal in the right kind of way.

All the songs works great together and on their own, strong melodies fills each track up to the brim and it feels like all the creative outbursts this band had under the birth process went smoothly... it sure sounds like it anyway. Dripping pure satanic air!

All the 8 blasphemies that this debut album inherits makes up a wholeness thats is very satisfying for a BM listener and i recommend it without a blink of an eye!

My personal pics would be song 2,5,8.

Track list:

1.     Introduction        
2.     Grim Satanic Vengeance        
3.     Funerals and Flaring Torches
4.     Ruthless Winter        
5.     Messenger of Harm    
6.     Realm of Eternal Coldness    
7.     Wrath Incarnation    
8.     Black Clouds of Revelation

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