torsdag 26 september 2013

Terrorsaw - Demo 2012

Last year these Italian unholy bastards released their debut demo tape to the unsuspecting surroundings!

These four songs creates a wholeness of a trashing & pulsating horned beast!

Everything rumbles on with a blackened death mental brainblasting agenda, the old school alcohol infused chaotic riffing is also marinated with a fitting dose of groove which would fit the last party on this earth, the same statement also fits all the rest of the instrument compositions as well as the mean rough singing.
Even if it has a old school sound it infuses nice personal bits and pieces here and there in all tracks and gives this demo a great extra kick!

Now one only hopes for a full album to arrive sooner then later from the black abyss!


1.     Terrorsaw         
2.     Defiler Messiah         
3.     Sorcery & Artillery        
4.     Sabbath of Metal Violence

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