lördag 21 september 2013

Gestalte - Ashes of the Soul

From South Holland with hate!

As this debut album starts off soft with an acoustic guitar melody with clean voices this record enters my mind sideways and makes the following dark and grim transcendence the more effective.

This whole album is dipped in primitive and negative energies where the melodies includes all from straight out cultish misanthropic vibrations, somewhat suicidal tunes is intertwined with the occult blasphemies, the raw guitars drives on like gloomy death march and the drums follows through side by side. the bass gets some nice appearances and fills a void and flows into some compositions smoothly.
Singing is quite varied which is nice but overall it has a growly and hateful spite to it and sometimes my minds thinks about Mayhems album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

No songs except one ends under five minutes which means they get some time to evolve internally and flourish which they also do, often it goes in mid tempo but also speed it up or doom it down. 

The production is good and let every members work to be heard.

A bleak and sometimes a depressive album but in a way which dont feel forced, natural suffering & it grows nicely from each listening to the other.

My pick up tracks: 4,5,8

Track list:

1.     The Beginning of the End        
2.     Onder de Zuilen des Doods         
3.     Beyond Cosmic Thresholds         
4.     Ashes of the Soul         
5.     A Red Black Holocaust Sky in a Nightmare Dimension        
6.     Een Verleden Niet Vergeten        
7.     Op naar het Woud der Smarten (Deel 1)     
8.     De Boom der Smarten (Deel 2)        

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