måndag 9 september 2013

Skuggan - Kejsaren av ett svart rike

Just like a hellish cataclysmic smash does this anticipated debut album plunges off !!!

I have heard some song samples earlier that has wetten my hunger and to now get to eat the whole bloody
cadaver in one go makes a hellhound like me more then satisfied!
The riffing is icy and melodic like the old cults & it hunts you down the trollish cavern and strikes you to a pulp. The vocals sounds often like a resentful & hatefull backward spitter! Wardrums thundering on firmly and some sparse tastefully keyboards can be heard, even some sounds of nature for good sakes is in place.
(Love the cover! You get what you see really!)

 Against modern times and values the album takes on the frontlines with confidence and sharped spears.

My mind wanders sometimes to bands like Arckanum & some "second wave" hordes which is a good thing for me (and it should be for everyone!) but it has enough of strong personal spirit and composings to stand on its own arms & legs.

This is a recommended buy! And you do it at Ewiges Eis Records page!
Favorite is tracks: 1,5,9. but i see no direct weak ones either.

Track list:

1.     Graven i skogen
2.     Mörkret inne         
3.     I Djävulens skuggan        
4.     Fördömde till avgrunden     
5.     En nattlig kamp        
6.     Den mörka lågan - instrumental
7.     Trolltjärn         
8.     Jonsereds strömmar         
9.     Kejsaren av ett svart rike

Now...when do the vinyl version come out?!

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