tisdag 12 augusti 2014

Crowfather Interview!

How is this day under the sky of New England?
-It was a beautiful day here. Not too hot, the air was just right. I usually hate summertime but so far the heat has been sparse.
2. From what i know Crowfather was birthed upon this doomed earth in late 2012? How was that year for you and what led you to start this one-man Bm band Crowfather?
- That first year was insane. I had just 12 months under my belt of guitar playing then. I wanted to make something heavy as fuck. From the time I was a teen I wanted to be in an extreme metal band. What led me to this one man project was my solitude. I dont normally socialize with people and I hate depending on someone to do 'this' or 'that'. It was then that I decided to just handle everything myself and get it all off my chest.
3.Tell us something about the first demo "PANDAEMONICON XIII", as i read Crowfather was more death metal in the start...
  - That seems like lifetimes ago now. I honestly cant even listen to any of the demos anymore without cringing. I'm a perfectionist and way too hard on myself. I look back upon that time as sort of an infant beginning to crawl. As for Crowfather being more Death metal in the early stages, well, its tough to explain. On the one hand, I had all these grand ideas of musical direction etc. The reality of it was I had to work with what I had and what I knew. So I did plan for a DM project but what came out was Pandaemonicon XIII. The guitars sounded raw and punk. The vocals were screeching. Just not death metal at all. I dont even know if it's black metal. some may disagree. Its just fucking strange.
4.And then not so long after the second release "A Forest Engulfed In Darkness"got out! Was this songs already created under the same time as the first demo or did you create them straight after it? 
 - The songs from "forest" were created about 2 months after the first release. I was finding my footing, exploring different techniques and playstyles.
5.What kind of equipment do you use?
- I have my trusty LTD Viper that has such amazing tone. I use a Boss MUlti effects pedal for distortion. all the percussion on the first 2 releases were done in FL studio. Recorded with Acoustica Mixcraft. Ran through a Presonus Audiobox interface direct to my laptop.
6.When you got to the third demo "III" how had the music and themes evolved?
 - On Demo III nothing had really changed or evolved (in my eyes anyway) I was in a bad place mentally. Music has become like a therapy for me but there was still that lingering image that Crowfather was 'supposed' to be this ultra-satanic, blasphemous metal project. I almost gave up after that release because those themes get old and tired quickly
7. I saw something about a split also! That one looked tasty! Who do you share space with and how did this unholy union got hooked up?
- Yes! there is a new split...a MEGA split, hosted by my labelmate from Albania *Cryptorsatan He contacted me and asked if I would like my cover of Black Metal Kommando to appear on it. I said yes, the rest is history as they say. That split will be out soon and I will post the link on my facebook page for people to listen when its released.
8.If you would pic 3 important bands for you that carved you unto this satanic path who would you choose and how is your immediate surroundings react to your musical "style"?
- 3 important bands..Hmmmmm.. I would say The Misfits, Darkthrone, and Marilyn Manson. My surroundings irritate me on a daily basis. The city is full of people and yet its so lonely and desolate. That angst translates into much of my lrics. I dont know if the area has influenced my style of music though.
9.Which records has StillBorn Twins Records released for you?  
- All of my recordings are released through Stillborn Twins Records. Most digitally released on our archive page. I did mail a few hard copies to some friends. And Stevil (from Haunt) has released them in some record stores in Canada.
10. How did you come in contact with them?
- I am co founder of SBT Records. When I first began with Crowfather I met Stevil from a talented one man Blackened Thrash project called Haunt. We became fast friends and not soon after were shooting ideas back and forth for various things. One of which was a huge compilation of reverbnation artists. The next logical step, for us anyway, was to create a netlabel. So Stillborn Twins Records was born in 2013. We began with 5 artists on the roster, and now I cannot even tell you the exact number of bands that have joined forces with us. We are also good friends with another netlabel [Torn Flesh Records] and many of our releases have been in conjunction with them.
11. So how look this last month of this year look like for you?
- Honestly, it's frustrating at times. It feels like the creative ebb and flow has almost stopped. There was a lot of depression that kept me from artistic endeavours. I cant say I am fully rejuvinated and ready to roll but, there are a slew of emotions that I need to release through music. I'm getting back on track.
12. Thanks for your answers! 
Last howl is yours!
- Fuck trends, Fuck religion, listen to Haunt, Stillborn Twins Records and Torn Flesh Records
and thank you for being brave enough to peek inside my mind. 

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