tisdag 12 augusti 2014

Monstraat - Selftitled

This bastard came like a nice surprise to me!

 Out from my withering home country Sweden this new unpleasant constellation MONSTRAAT emerges in  armored full swing!!

Imagine if you mix 40% of 80´s ugly Heavy/trash/BM (Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer) metal song structures & 40 % coating from the 90´s Nordic second wave black metal (early Darkthrone, early Burzum etc) and finally top it of  with 20 % of Motörheads grinding amphetamine punk drive then you got something like Monstraat!

Sure it sounds a bit schitzo and it is somewhat also but in a good way, from one song to another the gang flies from either the headbanging dirty devil metal to the suppressing cold winds from the north... so once you have been engulfed by one tracks atmosphere you will as soon as it ends be dragged out of it and get raped! hehe...well maybe not so brutal but you get the picture.

The production is in a mid-level rawness that works great on all tracks even regarding their internal differences and gets the whole package get a coherent frame. Another thing that is a constant is the vocals that is good in a raspy ghasting way and sometimes even touches the complaining witch-style Varg (from Burzum) have.

So yes this is an album that will both freeze your blood as well as get it pumping again! Rocking both internally as externally but with a icy satanic atmosphere all through the 10 songs!
All songs is good i think even if some is very traditional (in all the above mentioned ways) it never gets boring or to much "worshiping", i can also get a feeling this band could be a great live band.

My pic of songs would be track 1, 3, 6 but the true highlight on this album is track 9 "A Poison Divine"!! Such a great song this is!
This one happens to be in one of the more 90´s BM styles but it has nothing to do with that rather then this song is superbly structured and has many subtle touches and melodic melancholic riff changes that it will make it grow from each listen, extra plus for the eerie bridge towards the end.


Released on Fallen Temple

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