måndag 4 augusti 2014

My art --update!--

As i do quite much artwork to bands i sometime show it of here...so here are a few of my recent stuff.

First here is to a 4-way split that i cant just yet disclose...besides its title.
but here are some art work that will front it.

Here is for a 2-way split in the DSBM genre.

SHEOL/ FÖR split 7" (will be a poster also included)

Menneskerhat - Blut und Eisen .re release digi pack

Slaughterday - Ravenous

Hiraeth  debut. i only did the logo

Svart Søstrene Photography . I did the logo for these girls photo business. (BM concerts etc)

A zine logo

This one i did a while ago but i dont think i shown it.
Thornspawn t-shirt!

***To contact me regarding artwork commissions please contact me here:***


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