måndag 11 augusti 2014

Lathspell - Impious Incantations

Ahh such a great album!
I really dont need to write more then that but...

First i must admit this forth album is my first listen to this Finnish band so i cant compare this one to there
earlier releases but rest assure that i will do some grave digging!

If i did not knew it i could not directly guessed that this was a Finnish band  my first guess would be that it would be some of the better USBM bands or some from France that mender with long dark and somewhat progressive compositions... sure now that i know of their origins i can hear more of the great Finnish harshness and bitterness running through out the record but they are sure sounding more then that.

The trap holes that lays hungry in the path for succeding with  ten minutes songs is evaded with ease (it feels), the song structures grows in both satisfiyng traditional ways and also with some surprising turns. the atmospheres that sourrunds these six brim stones is gnawing my bones in the right way. no riffs becomes boring or no passage feels meaningless all just floats together like a big hellish brew that is fitting for a lightbringer. Harsh vocals infuses deep darkness and melancholy as well as sweet hate.

The satanic aim feels more mature and thoughtful rather then young and relentless which suits this type of grand opus that is Impious Incantations greatly!
This one sits as a contender of one of this years best albums!
So you should pick yourself up and buy it god damn it! hehe

Extra plus for the great artwork & layout by Sang from Misanthropic Art Productions who also releases this very album.

Track list:

1.     Bring Forth Thy Kingdom  11:28     
2.     Sacrifice     10:02     
3.     Kadotus     12:05     
4.     I Am The Way     11:38     
5.     Kylmä Nyrkki     06:03     
6.     The Fallen      07:16

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