tisdag 19 augusti 2014

Drohtnung - Suicide Sessions

If you are new to this band dont shy away from its own tag "Depressive Black Noise" if you think it will be only crazy noise or to weird & hard to get into...
well it is not for all ears but rightly so but Drohtnungs music HAS song structures (sure it is bloody raw) sometimes one has to concentrate a little extra but that in itself serves as a good thing because once you start grabbing after "tune-tales" it will suck you in!

The darkness that you will find yourself in is both melancholic and beautiful, the crystallization results (the actual completed songs) gives off a more levitating feeling rather then drowning & depressive, maybe created out from depression but the result is like shimmering black shards....coated with massive buzzing & growling guitars and distant howls and screams.

...Feels like an acceptance towards the unavoidable end of once life.

Hard to really choose song pics when it feels like one journey but these are great highlights : "The ghost of Harvest" (second version) & "His Mutilated speech"(second version) & "Coma Soul"

This very release is a double cd version with alternative song takes and two extra songs on CD 2, such things can be quite useless & boring but when i heard the extra disc it dawned on me that this was a very great thing and it was not hard to understand why they did it. Slightly more upbeat vibe also...maybe the wrong word to use in this context though...

This release is as any a good start to start listen to Australias very own Drohtnung.
Always a plus for the artwork! Very fitting and unique.

Track list:
1.The Ghost of Harvest
3.The Body Rots
4.His Mutilated Speech

1.His Mutilated Speech
3.The Ghost of Harvest (instrumental)
4. Coma Soul
5. Mortal Ideal

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