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Frostveil Interview!

1.Hails NecroSatan! 
How is your day in Millicent?(South Australia) 

- Hails Raw War! My day is great here in Millicent, thank you for having me! 

2.Your first demo "Void of Memories..." came out now in early August, can you please go a bit in depth on its lyrical content and how your creative process look like? 

 - The sound since Void of Memories... has altered a lot. These days the main inspirations for Frostveil are Woods of Desolation and Drowning the light, but Striborg was the sole influence and that is reflected in the sound a lot. The lyrics just represent what was going through my mind whilst listening to the song, I just wrote down whatever came into my mind. I composed the music many moons ago, but only got around to recording it recently, before I actually started taking Frostveil Seriously. 

 3.As Australian has some very great hordes to get inspiration from how and when did your fire light up this path of expressing yourself? 

- I have been into metal since I was 5 years old, but by the time I was around 11 I discovered the underground side to black metal and became heavily interested in underground scenes from all over the globe, in particular Australia and the Les Legions Noires from France. Like mentioned earlier, Striborg, an iconic black metal project was the main influence for a long time, but as the genre changed, Woods of Desolation and Drowning the Light, two more mesmerizing Australian acts became an influence, so the Australian scene as a whole has always been a huge influence. Lyrically I had always focused more on the "evil" or "kvlt" aspects of black metal but never expressed my thoughts other than opinions of Judeo-Christianity, so Frostveil focuses more on things that are more relevant in my mind other than opinions. 

4.What can you tell about the coming split "Endless Paths of Treachery" ? And with who do you split with? Hope you find some label to do a vinyl pressing also! 

- This split shall be with the Finnish project of a friend of mine, known as K.I.P.U. The sound of K.I.P.U. is very depressive, similar to the likes of Xasthur, but can also be quite evil sometimes and I look forward to collaborating with him. It shall be released on tape, limited to 40 copies, through Mansion of Lost Spirits Records, a label owned by Ari, the mastermind behind K.I.P.U. We have talked about finding a label to release a short vinyl pressing as well, but so far this isn't going too successfully, but we will keep trying! It will feature a re-recorded version of Void of Memories..., another original, a Nokturnal Mortum cover and 3 K.I.P.U. originals. 

 5.What technical equipment do you use? 

- For the recording of the Void of Memories... demo, I programmed drums using the virtual instruments on Mixcraft 4, used the inbuilt mic in my laptop for the recording of guitars and bass in audacity, and a mic going straight into the laptop for the vocals. These days it is all the same, but I record going line-in to a desktop computer, which gives it a much heavier sound. For the full length which I am currently writing I will attempt to achieve a much heavier and clearer sound similar to that from the Woods of Desolation album "Torn Beyond Reason" and it shall feature recorded acoustic drums. 

6.Who did the first logo? The new one is by legendary Christophe Szpajdel, how was it to work with him? 
- The first logo was hand drawn by myself, and I was very content with it. A lot of effort went into it, much more than you would think by looking at it, but after a while I needed something that would better suit a more emotional atmosphere. Here is where i turned to Christophe Szpajdel, after seeing his fantastic book "Lord of the Logos". It was a pleasure to work with Christophe, he was very specific with making it how I needed, very supportive of my work, and very friendly to talk to which always makes things better. 

7.How is life as one listening & making black metal where you live? 

-It has its ups and downs, as a black metal fan and musician probably more ups. We have great forests, some of the best i´ve seen, and the weather can provide great atmospheres which suit the music well. As a musician in general, it isn’t that great. There are NO metal bands in my town, apart from what I am involved with. In a nearby city, Mt. Gambier, there is a huge post-hardcore scene which is irritating at times, with one grindcore band which never play here, and several decent metal bands in the past, but no black metal. The internet is the only way to attract attention to other black metal musicians where I live. 

8.Are you active in any other band or some in the past? 

- Yes! Most notably Christ Dismembered, a 2 man black metal project which we are recording the debut album for at the moment. Very similar to the likes of Dark Funeral, Belphegor and 1349. I sing for a punk band called Human Garbage, heavily influenced by GG Allin and the Murder Junkies. For Human Garbage we have just released a self-titled demo and are writing the full length album at the moment. I play guitar and sing in a blues/rock band called Oath, playing mostly cover and some originals. I also do some acoustic music with my girlfriend Storm, so far only covers of various well known songs, all of which can be found on YouTube. I have made a lot of instrumental music varying from Celtic folk, all the way to dark ambient. I haven't done this in a while but several of the songs I have made will be featured in the soundtrack for a movie I am writing called "Inhuman Misanthropy". 

9.So how does the rest of the year look like? 

- Well Endless Paths of Treachery should be out by the end of the year and all my effort is going into that split and the Christ Dismembered album at the time being. So it looks pretty good, and a lot shall be happening in the near future. 

10.Thanks for your answers! 

-My pleasure! Thank you very much for this opportunity, and keep an eye out for Frostveil, new material is on the horizon! 
For all information and updates visit http://www.facebook.com/Frostveil

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