torsdag 18 december 2014

Arthedain - Arias Exalted

Here we have a very newly born band (2014) with one Ep "By The Light Of The Moon" released prior to this  Ep... i have not heard that one but regarding the short time in between them two i guess the style they play is the same. (USA/Germany)

What we get under these aprox 14-15 minutes is a dramatic both cold and bleeding assault of Nordic Black Metal, my mind wanders to the likes of mid-era Watain occultish atmosphere with blistering drums and sharp riffings that aims to shatter heavens hymen in a dissonant strike & also some bleak soul searching alá Flagellated Seraph.
It is a sound that is very 2010-14 which is no negative thing but it has potential to blossom into a more individual black burning flame...and the first and last tracks here show a strong will and power to convey both in engaging melodies and personal grief.
Song 2 & 3 is good too but i get most out of the above mentioned.

Production is also like what one can demand from this with a well balanced levels from all instruments, strong and hard hitting but also let details shimmer in the slower melancholic parts of some songs. Not raw but not over produced either.
Vocals is both harsh ghastings and some lower deathish growls that floats right into the rest of the mass! Some slower segments has a slight DSBM sound to them but only in the compositions not the tormented witch howls.
Just as well.

So to summarize this has some modern/traditional but strong songs on this Ep and they show potential but to really know how much i look forward to a full album to do the final judging!

That will be the important portal for them to pass.

Track list:
1.Through Immolation Sparked
2.Visions Of Fire
3.The Constant Void
4.Traverse The Path Of Thorns

Take a listen:

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