måndag 15 december 2014


Of all the stuff i have reviewed here this is a release
that is probably the one that is most correct to
label "Noise", but besides from my lack of "noise" experience
this one was not so hard to digest...as an experience due
to its dramatic nature.


I cant say if it has an "theme" or "story" but my reflections
of the "music" and the visuals on the cover and inside leads me to
think this is a really bad mindfuck! Like one is stuck in a void of
 guilt, prostitution, days in some  run down sanatorium...like one is in the
core of someones psychosis and cant breath...and then some more guilt!
Thats a nice feeling i can assure you!


It has some kind of segments of real noisy electric overloads but
one can hear some voices whispering underneath it all...then there is some
calmer but colder parts...as i am not an expert in this field i cant comment on
the quality or non-quality of the technical part but for me it serves its purpose


All in all an uncomfortable tape which is exactly what its is supposed
to be... i guess. hehe


filth for the filth

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