fredag 5 december 2014

Förgjord / Nekrokrist SS

Here we have some Suomalaista Mustaa Metallia!!! (Finnish for "Finnish Black metal")
Damn this is a good split! A very forceful hold onto the great horns of the north!

These two bands serve up 8 songs filled with deep feelings and just as effectful compositions, they stand with two raw goat feet´s firmly in both the past of the cold early 90´s and their living horrors of the present.
Their melodies contains both the glorious melancholy of a past now in ruins and riffings that kills any opposer (& poser). quite long tracks (often in mid tempo) but they never falls into some dull slopes, all is well carved out with skill and all the parts fit together perfectly and builds up a wholeness & atmosphere that can be carved with a knife. (morakniv)
Much tasteful (wonder if that a fitting word for this..?) variation and dark ideas is stuffed into all the music from start to "finish". Empowering one minute and devastating in the next.

Production fits just as well with a just right rawness without leaving out any instruments, its cold feeling but at the same time not... vocals is both bone chilling screams and also some semi barking angry men... hehe but it works splendid.

Both bands share many audial & mental tastes which results in a split that molds very smoothly... i dont know shit about Finnish language (i wish i knew more then the a few cursewords) so i cant really tell anything about the lyrics but their music talks more then enough anyways so that does not really matter.... and i wont try to "Google translate" some lyrics cuz that will fuck to much with my mind haha!

All is super but my two pick out tracks would be: Förgjord - Mieltensä sairastama & Nekrokrist SS - Musta viha.

First i did not notice it but they did a quirky thing with the band logo combination! 

*Essential split in other words*

Track list:

1.     Förgjord & Nekrokrist SS - Jättäkää minut korpeille (osa 1.)
2.     Förgjord - Kasketun maan laulu         
3.     Förgjord - Mieltensä sairastama         
4.     Förgjord - Kerpeikkari         
5.     Nekrokrist SS - Musta viha         
6.     Nekrokrist SS - Tyhjyys         
7.     Nekrokrist SS - Hyljätty         
8.     Förgjord & Nekrokrist SS - Jättäkää minut korpeille (osa 2.)    

Released by: Hammer of Hate Records

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