tisdag 16 december 2014

PreEmptive Strike 0​.​1 - Pierce their Husk

Now to something completely different!

Those who also have a thing for dark electro/techno stuff should take notice here!

Odium Records (Black Altar,Crepusculum , Thy Flesh) has recently opened a sub-division
 called Sonic Hell Records which is focusing in on electronic music that is from the other side, this is their first release!

Besides the Odium connection here we have Niklas Kvarforth (is he cloned?) as
guest vocals....and it works quite well i say. Sure the main music style here
is not what i listen to so i cant comment on the quality of it but Niklas
vocals blends nicely into the whole "body" of black shimmering zeros & ones.

The thematic seems to be something in the vain of Starship Troopers 2,0
considering the cover art but i cant say for sure.
But from the musics multi-layered semi-agro ambience it would
fit the mould of a new Starship Trooper movie sound track, nothing wrong in that.

Be sure to hunt it down if you are into this style of digital creations or if you just feel
curious about its exotic futuristic war compositions.

This is released on a cd (with extra tracks) & a 7"

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