onsdag 17 december 2014

Black Cilice - Mysteries

I have heard some song here and some other song there in the past and it have teased my appetite for BLACK CILICE quite much! This is of course very "underground" in the sense that getting physical copies 
of his releases can be painfully hard...so i used some know "tube" to help me scratch my itch some.... and of course the music that is served here fits six feets under the mainstreams of regular BM also.

 This latest third album is now  released through Iron Bonehead so this will make things a little easier in getting the "real" thing!

For those who is not familiar with this band i can say that it is in many senses traditional second wave black metal but with a flair of getting extra hypnotic and trance inducing through its reverbing repeated ghoul riffings. Its both a lo-fi wall and at the same time melodies cuts out of the fog! And just when you thought "this is its sound" "he" throws in some up beat drumming bridges and takes of into another road without loosing its base nature. 
Vocals is used more like anther type of instrument in that it does not "sing" rather then howl in an dissonant echo that melts very nice into it all.
Its raw but has depth both in sound and feelings.

Many has said that Black Cilice music is hauntingly beautiful and somewhat elevating melancholic  its true here as well, it has also a sphere of distant horrors that encapsulates the whole album and leaves one with a feeling of old unrestful souls banging inside of the head.

This is surly some night time music for introverted thoughts and rituals. 
I like it but that i already knew i would hehe. 
Sure there is nothing "new" to be found here but its personal and powerful enough to warrant a purchase... and it has never been as easy to buy a BC release as now either so go get it and dip your ears into the mysteries!

Track list:

01 To Become
02 Into Morbid Trance
03 The Truth
04 Ceremonial Energy
05 A Prayer from Beyond
06 From the Long Forgotten Past 

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