fredag 19 december 2014

Sadokist - Thy Saviour's Halo, Held by Horns

After 4 demos, 1 split & 1 compilation the first full album is out !(got out this summer)
This Finnish band of demented warriors is waiting for your blood to be spilled!

This is a twister filled with an demons mutated with speedy old school thrash and sadistic black metal fingers!
From the get go you get hacked and smouldered by the both creative and venomous riffs and blasting hell-drums! Vocals spits and screams great and has just the ugliness and cockynes needed for this witch soup!
All this plus it has a kind of surrealistic occult level intertwined into it which makes (lyrics also) it last even longer. Not just a great blood pumping action but also intrigues one to dig deeper into it.

Its really engaging and is filled with nice musical ideas so no songs feels repetitive or samey, both like a yell from the dark past as it is a timeless punch in the gut!
When i heard it the first time i felt that this should be on my top list of the year (if i did one) and i feel the same now after many more moons with it!

If you like dirty fast devil music with great meat hooks this is it!

Production is as good as it needs and keeps the slimy and filthy rawness as well as it has a sweet fat wholness that helps the heads banging into the 7th day.

Its now out on tape via  BLACK GOAT TERRORIST 666 !

Cut it out from the twilight plane and get killed!

My pick out tracks are: 2,5,7

Track list:

1.Poisoned Souls
2.Cult Fire
3.Damnatio ad Bestias
4.Udar Ghul
5.Darkness Prayer
6.Dreaming of War

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