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Phosphore Blanc Interview!

1.Hails SKVMPAT!
I guess you are the one and only member of this musical-weapon?
As PB released its debut album this year what did you do before this
and what made you to put this band together?

- Hails! Yes, I am the only member, I'm more comfortable alone without external influences
regarding my projects. Before Phosphore Blanc, I had another black / death / rac project called MustardGaz, it lasted from 2008 to 2013. I didn't had any clue about mastering and mixing so it sounds quite raw. Released it only for my friends and knowledge circle.
I learned little by little how to record better and make it sounds as I want to.

2.The first album "Xenophobos" I think is a really interesting hard hitting
entity all from the poisonous neo-occultish cover art to the seven devastating tracks!
Please tell about the time creating this and what goal you had in mind?

- Thanks! I draw since childhood, I always picture things in my head that I have to put on paper.
Since a few years it is quite the same recurring avatars I draw for my projects, a skull headed larva / snake
and a gasmasked vulture with human torso I use within the MG and PB imagery.
I play music and draw according to my inspiration. I want to create my own symbolism and meanings,
visualizing this kind of pictures while listening to the stuff I do and vice versa.

3.I am no expert in weapons of war and all the evil stuff the military invents but
i think your band name is something that could "irritate" the skin if it came in contact
with it? hehe

- Hehehe yeah this is some sick shit! Love how the victims looks like after being exposed,
and what it does to the mind and spirit of the witnesses.
I was always attracted to the vicious, burning and corrosive weapons,
the stuff you can do homemade like combat gaz, toxic smoke or exploding devices.
I wanted to give a french name to my project that inspire something like that.

4.As i understand you do all the great artwork yourself have you done covers etc to
some other bands one should know of also?

- Yes i draw all the covers for my projects.
I drew for the two MustardGaz EPs, and the PB covers and symbolism.
Recently I did the artwork for the next Seges Findere t-shirt ( At war against the Zog)
and the cover for the split Ep with Ritual Genocide.
I used to draw some stuff for an underground french BM fanzine 6 or 7 years ago I don't remember.
I'm ok to draw for some bands if I dig the music and if I get along with the guys.

5.What kind of ideology do you have regarding this band?

- It's all about my feelings concerning this world and mostly the cesspool I live in.
France is filled with this fucking stinking scum everywhere and it's ruled by useless fags and cowards.
I believe the only answer for us is to act alone and low profile.
I dream everytime of the day we'll wipe out those degenerate fucks; for where I live, and for Europe.
I'm making my own spiritual way and the background and how things work here is a brake to it.
PB lyrics deals about all that.

6. If i understand correctly you released the album yourself but know you have tied
knots with the label Deathcamp Records, will they re release the album?

- Yes, I put the album on Bandcamp for sharing with some mates at the other side of the world.
After i reached out with Strigoi to talk about Seges Findere,
he listened to my tracks and was up for a cd release of "Xenophobos"
in early 2015.

7.I look forward to the coming split with Ritual Genocide! Tell me about this work and
how you came in contact with each others?

- I randomly found some stuff about Genocide Coven, their previous black metal band, I fucking liked it
so I took contact with the uploader of the videos who told me about Ritual Genocide.
I reached out with them, really cool dudes,
we started to share our respective projects and they came up with the idea of a split together.

8.Is there any plans on bringing your war-music unto the "live-platform"? Any gigs
in the plans? How do you think the France musical climate is for a band like yours?

- I don't have any plans for now. Maybe if I can gather some mates as a line up, and find the time and the room to rehearse on a regular basis this could be cool, but at this moment I'm not that interested playing live,
or maybe just in front of a restrained audience and some friends.
I think if we stay between us, just the scene and not make a fuss with too much information about the gig,
anything is able to play live everywhere in France. 

My city is filled with antifa and left sided cunts but we usually don't give a shit about their "threats".

9.If one like to get some sweet Phosphore Blanc t-shirt where should one look?

- Nowhere for now hehe. I have some designs ready and many ideas for some t-shirts and hoodies
but I'll wait to find somebody serious enough to work with, or I'll do it by myself,
I don't know yet, I have to enquire a bit about all this.

10.So after this split how does your next attack look like?

- I have already a few tracks ready, I don't know if i'll use them for a split (too soon to say) or an EP.
And i'm working on 4 or 5 past and unreleased MG tracks I want to release with Phosphore Blanc.
I guess i'll release some stuff within a few months or in the mid 2015 if things keep on going this way.

11. Thanks for your time & answers!

- No problem, my pleasure. Feel free to ask me anything you want about PB.

Thanks for your support!

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