torsdag 13 augusti 2015

Salts of Ruin - To rub the salts of ruin into the wounds of faith

Here we have another promising tape from Sovereign Anomaly Cult!

 It is not so much to say about this as it is only two songs long (but pretty long songs though)
but this is like a boiling witch cauldron to say at least hehe.

Through the bit cracked sound (thanks to some nasty drums+mix i think) the cold mid tempo riffings floats out both in a bit grand & sorrowful way but cuts time to time in with some heavy riffs and after awhile the songs morphs into a ritual with evil monk gospels echoing beneath the fog...

On the b-side the track "The lusts of the father" gives way to a full on atmospheric minimalistic passage, hard to really put into words but it feels like if the first song was the key this is the doorway.
Smouldering dark & convincingly done and in others hands it could easily have become nothing...

I saw recently that new music from Salts of ruin is on its way so lets hope its more meat on the bones this time around! It sure will be poisoned & tasty!

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