fredag 7 augusti 2015

-Random mix update-

* Work on my my next slimmer zine  (around 45-50 pages while last RAW WAR printed issue was 109 pages) The Cloven Hoof is soon finished, full update on that will follow.
Here is the latest update promo pic on that.

*Coming interviews in progress on here is:

* Hekel
* Bloodlust
* Diabolus Amator

             and more...

Music reviews to come is:

* Idolatry Infection Born of Ending
* Tetragrammacide - Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ
* Vapnvm - Closure
* School Sniper
*  Lord of Depression/Infernal Sacrament/Tetragrammacide 
     - Atomic Regurgitation from the three mouths of humanicidal Hate

           and more... 

* I also recently finished doing artwork for a coming book, here is the cover and some info from the source.

"The first project of ATLHOS Multimedia is the upcoming book by Russell "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury, the vocalist of the black metal band Idolatry. The book is entitled "Catharsis Spoke Her Virtuous Evil" and is a book of black metal poetry.
The cover art, and much of the interior art, is being handled by JDW, who has penned covers by Drowning the Light, God Disease, Incarceration, and many more.
The logos on the cover have been handled by the immortal Christophe Szpajdel, The Lord of Logos, which should be obvious to any fan of the black metal genre."

* I also plan to release a first art book collection on a selection of my artworks this winter, here is the first promo for that. more to come.

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