lördag 8 augusti 2015

Panphage/Jarnvidr - Gøthalandom

Here we have a split from two pretty young Swedish beasts!

First out is Panphage and it was a pleasant experience to finally get to hear this band, Panphage has a
 mixture of inspirations but to put it simply you can hear a base of the rolling badness of Motörhead then
ad some sick folkish melodies that sometimes reminds you of Wulkanaz then ad some old school black metal and finally put in some storytelling flair to round it off... if you did not understand a word of that go get this split!
Panphage has a quite big/open sound but don´t loose any rawness for that and each song has good personal compositions and touches. The best songs is the first and third "Black Dawn Guerilla"!

After the Panphages four strong tracks the band do a collaboration song which is also this release title song, it works really well and one could easily hear that this constellation could release a whole album like this.Do it! Or perhaps do it like Satanic Warmaster / Clandestine Blaze split and do four songs together and end it with one "solo" song each. Just a thought.

Then Jarnvidr takes over and starts of with a calm but distorted guitar intro that for first time listeners is a
trick because soon after they will be run over with Jarnvidrs chaotic hooligan troll music! hehe
As i have reviewed two full albums from this maniac so i can compare this stuff a bit fair i think, this has of
course Jarnvidrs unwelcoming mental black metal going on but i can hear some refinements in guitar parts all through his tracks which makes it levitate higher. A special mention goes the the last long song "Från Svedimark till ovigd jord" which takes you on a journey like trip with gives both harsh cuts and brings you into calmer & melancholic Nordic woods. Good stuff!

A great & interesting split that gives more then music you also get a bitter taste of Sweden, despite the
bitter taste its good to see/hear that our old world/countries soul is still not forgotten and carries on in the shape of sound & art.

The bands is like two sides of an rusty coin (or "mynt" like its called in Swedish) and it will grow from each spin...not getting you richer with money but with culture.

Track list:

1.Panphage - Söner av Osämjans Länder        
2.Panphage - Hagalaz Automat         
3.Panphage - Black Dawn Guerilla         
4.Panphage - Tag Till Vapen        
5.Panphage/Jarnvidr - Gøthalandom         
6.Jarnvidr - Helveteseld Faller Från Himmelen        
7.Jarnvidr - Hagelstorm        
8.Jarnvidr - Klockringning i Dalen och Åkallan av Makterna        
9.Jarnvidr - Det Svarta Vattnets Gåva           
10.Jarnvidr - Från Svedjemark till Ovigd Jord

Released by:
Ætergap Productions


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