torsdag 13 augusti 2015

Espectrum Interview!

1.Hails from cold Sweden! 
How are the devils work going in Colombia? 

-Hi to all people there in Sweden, Thanks for this interview we are so exciting to know that people like Espectrum in your country. 

2.First of i am interested in when you started this horde and how did you meet each others? Is it the same line up then as now? 

-Espectrum was formed in early 2005. Lord Equimentor decided to created a band with a sound and own styles, for this reason he decided to called ‘Oscuro y Sombrio Black Metal’. in the beginning Espectrum was formed by Lord Equimentor and Manitu. 
They meet each other in Medellín in several local concerts and they had the oportunity top lay together in other Medellín band. Then Equimentor decided to invite Manitú to play the drums in Espectrum with him. And then in 2012 Equimentor decided to invite to Baphomet Lord, who plays in Nocturnal Sanctuary a black metal band from Bogotá, to play with Espectrum because they had the opportunity to share a stage in a several concerts in Bogotá, and Lord Equimentor liked the way that Baphomet played the guitars. In the same year Mantus Joined the band, he is one of the most importan player bass in Colombia and plays with important black metal bands from the country. 
In 2014 Manitú, drummer, left the band, for personal reason. Sobse, a drummer important in Colombian metal, joined the band and this allowed that Espectrum can reach a better and powerful sound. 

3.In 2011 you released your debut demo "Under the Shadows"! As this great demo was my "ice breaker" to seek you out how did this demo got received back then? Manitú Records released from what i understand?

- Yes, this Demo was a blast, people got crazy with this work not only in Colombia in others countries too. We released 500 copies and we sold all of them and then that means that people support our music. "Under the Shadows¨ was released under Manitú Records, but Lord Equimentor and Manitú share the costs. 

4.Can you tell something about the lyrics behind the song "Queen of the Black Night"? 

- Queen of the Black Night is a nocturnal magic representation, where a lugubrious female demon is there. This women is the empress of the night that with her beauty presence vague around the World bringing  torment darkness and terror. She claims souls weak beyond the kingdom of shadows. 

5.Going back to when you first realized black metal music, which band was your eye opener and which album was the first one you bought? And which bands would you say has inspired Espectrums sound the most? 

-As a matter as fact it was long time ago and is so difficult to remember what was the first cd that i bought but i guess it was Ride the Lightning of Metallica. About the bands who has inspired Espectrum to sound like this are Burzum, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Samael and others bands like Nyktalgia, Sterben and Arvet. 

6.In 2013 the first full album "Awakening in Darkness" was released (again on Manitú?), mighty front cover photo, how was that photo shoot? Any interference from the Police thinking your where some pyromaniacs? 

-The photo shoot is was made in a mountain, near Medellín, in an abandoned place. We took the photos at the same time that we recorded the video called Awakening in Darkness. We didnt have any problem with the Police, but Lord Equimentor had an accident and almost lost his life. But Lord Equimentor thinks that it was a just price that he paid in exchange for to live the magical and dark moment there. 

7.How was it to work on this album? Did you reach your musical & other goals with this? 

-It was hard and exhausting because of the distance. The recorder studio was far away where the musicians lived. The Awakening in Darkness could reach the goals because their sound was more professional and the photo shoot and video allowed the band to show their musical quality with out lost the essential that they were working since Under The Shadow demo. Further this work has been welcome from the black metal fans. 

8. As i cant read  your language can you please describe the lyrics behind this song "Del crepúsculo al amanecer "? 

- This lyrics speak about at dusk, when the light disappears and the darkness rules the world, in this moment the kingdom of darkness come and spectra and demons wake up from their cold home in a night of lust, perversion, blood and power. 
The breaking Dawn always be short for whom wait the at dusk again.

9.How did you come in contact with Infernal Moon whom drawn your band logo? 

- Lord Equimentor meet him several years ago, they were a really good friends and they share stage. Equimentor known that Infernal Moon had a great talent to drawn and then he asked him to make the logo under his supervision. 

10. How and where was your latest live ritual? 

-Our last live ritual it was 01 de Abril – 2015 and we share the stage with the american black metal band Thornspawn in Bogotá Colombia. And the show was really dark. 

11. How would you describe your Satanic beliefs? 
Besides that what occult practices is the most common in Colombia?

- I think that my body and life are from the service of evil. I am consequent with my ideology, with my acts and thoughts , I know that in this hypocritical world only the strong people can survive and there is not space for weak people that bends to a fake idol that calls god. And Colombia is a country that had lived in hatred, blood, dead and agony, thats why i believe Colombian people that loves darkness are radical. Shamanism , witchcraft, invoking the dead under the great eternal night practices are certainly not pass up. We come from indian they are our roots so we are pagan, We inherit that from our ancestors 

12.Is there some new music on its way from Espectrum soon? 

- Yes In this moment Espectrum is recording our third musical producción that will bring with new 8 tracks and we will make our second video profesional. This work will bring a powerful and strong sound. 
We are working really hard in this álbum because we want that this work will be a piece of cult, keeping always the line and sound original that Espectrum had been created.

 13. Thanks for your time, last word is yours! 

-Espectrum want to say thank you to sweden magazine Raw War and all their audience. 
Thanks for supporting Espectrum band and colombian Black Metal. We continued working with the idea to keeping providing with our dark music from the scene underground and evil from the Black Metal around the World. (Hails and remeber that Black Metal is music, cult and extreme ideology).

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