tisdag 11 augusti 2015

Sulphuric Night Interview!

1.Greetings from Sweden! 
How is life over there in Bosnia and Herzegovina? 

- Hail! We are waiting for the Winter to come and bring the snow to cover this ugly city and to cast away the sun! 
2.Growing up the only thing i really associated with Bosnia was Eurovision song contest and some military troubles... i was a dumb little boy haha. 
But seriously when did the Black metal started in your country and which artists/bands where important for putting the land on the "map"?

- In the 90’ our city (Sarajevo) has been under siege for 1,425 days and it was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare, so not just a “military troubles”. Regarding the Black Metal bands/projects, there was few of them in the past but none of them are active by now. The circle of our people and bands/projects is the only one making Black Metal at the moment!

3. So when you started getting into this satanic path which bands and what experiences inspired you the most to walk this walk? 

- I’ve been into music since young age, but when I heard Black Metal and the bands like Ildjarn, Von and some of LLN stuff I’ve got a very different feeling and perception from the one I had before discovering Black Metal, so I found expressing myself that way ‘till this very moment and will until the day my Dark Soul will leave my body and this pathetic existence. 

4.Is there much interaction between the bands in the "underground" and besides the Black Plague Circle is there more tight knit circles that one should know of? 

- Like I said before, there is no active circles and bands from our city – only few of us being devoted to Satan and its Path of Death!!! 

5.Lets talk about Sulphuric Night, what where your vision of it as you started and how was it to record the first Rehearsal Demo in 2013 ? 

- Sulphuric Night started as a band and we recorded Rehearsal Demo but soon after it was released two members left the band, so we continued as a duo and we shaped our sound and new direction was set on “Endless Night”. 

 6.Then the first proper demo "Endless Night" came out last year, How would you describe these two songs "Endless Night" & "Morbid Visions of a Dead Soul"? Was it out on Nocturnal Emissions? 

- Correct, “Endless Night” was released on Nocturnal Emissions as a cassette limited to 33 copies and it was a first demo with a different sound. Both tracks are dedicated to the wisdom of the Dead ones and their endless wanderings through the night. 

7.Also last year the split with Primogenorum "Of Infinite Cold Wanderings..." got out, how did you get together for this and your song has in intriguing name "A Man Who Had Swallowed Death ", what is it about? 

- I’ve been in touch with Lucifug/Primogenorum and we wanted to make unholy pact in a form of a split tape through Parasyte Curse, so we did it. 
“A Man Who Had Swallowed Death” is a personal experience with the Great Death…Nothing more is to be revealed!

8.So i have a feeling some new music is on its way from Sulphuric Night, what can you tell about it? 

- Correct, we have 2 new demos going on; one is recorded last year but it is not released yet, and also other one recorded last month. 
Both will be released soon. 

9.Any Sulphuric Night t-shirts going to print? 

- Yes in fact, there will be a shirt version of “Endless Night” soon available. 

10.Thanks for your time!

- Spread the Plague upon this waste of flesh called humans! 


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