söndag 9 augusti 2015

Withering Despair - Hopecrusher

From the states the despair was and is still withering like hell on three legs!

This recording is from the period 2001-2003 but i just recently found out about this little evil tape!
If you are in the mood (why wouldn't you?) gnarly harsh Transylvanian sounding spells this is a good
place to start. The music rattles in mid tempo and has a very suffocating atmosphere, the very raw vocals is almost talking rather then singing (sounds a little like Shagrath) but it fits the bill perfect here.

Guitars besides from the vocals are much in the lead of it all with chilly primitive compositions but also some well used keyboards is incorporated here and there. Production is in similar raw and pretty loud state as the performance is.

It is a reasonable long journey under these 10 songs and i like the best the first song that is also the title track and the second (and last in an alternate version) song "Pitch Black Torment" & lastly "Descent into Fire".

A misanthropic & ancient sounding release from & handcrafted by the label Sovereign Anomaly Cult.

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