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Achlyphos Interview

1.Hailz! Greetings from Sweden! 
How are the swollen sun treating you over there in Santa Rosa Carlifonia? 

- Hailz! Oh the sun, it's wretched rays can be quite bothersome at times here, lately it's been scorching hot out I can only wait and hope for the cold winds to pick up, and rain to finally fall upon this land before we run out of water here...

2.As you are a new "demon on the block" i must ask the rudimentary questions. 
First i like to know about your own paths towards this kind of music and state of mind regarding satanic ideology, how was the surroundings growing up and was there a time/moment you remember as a eye-opener(for this path)? 

- Well for starters growing up ironically I went to a catholic private school where I learned everything about the enemy and threw knowledge I slowly realized how disgusting and ludicrous they have been threw out the centuries and even now they continue to purloin the minds of people and tarnish the tales that they have stolen and made their own. Realizing all these things at a very young age opened my eyes causing my hatred for Christianity and most humans in general spark and grow. Starting around the age of 13-15 my whole world revolved around Satanism, black magic, and meditation as I got into Theistic Satanism and had several profound and surreal experiences. Only after I started getting into darker music I became entranced into the black metal genre how it's music it's atmosphere is which fits my state of mind and life best. 

As for Achlyphos, our music is war against humanity with transcending occultism, rituals against life... While my personal goals and path, as I am no longer a satanist I'm still an occultist and i look into anything i can learn, learning ancient knowledge from several grimoires and cultures incorporate certain things I learn into my lyrics, I seek power and knowledge and yet I may use knowledge that perhaps other beings in the universe may or may of not given to us whether they are humans, some mythical creature on some other plane, or some sort of alien lifeforms I refuse to bow down for anyone or anything for I am my own ruler, I am the controller of my fate and I will mold myself into my own god...

 3.And besides the personal stuff which BM bands got you hooked & what was your first bought record? And was there some active bands in your area thats worth knowing? 

- The bands at first that really got me hooked I would have to say was Burzum, Sargeist, Immortal, Darkthrone, Mayhem Nokturnal Mortum and Taake. 
First record I bought was actually a year ago at a Wolves In The Throne Room show I got there album Two Hunters, I just recently started collecting and the collection will continue to grow! 
As for good active bands in the area I'm not that into the whole scene here especially how my city doesn't really ever have any black metal shows, but the closest one which is in the next city by mine would have to be this Blackened Doom metal band I've seen a few times Barren Altar and then there's a few further in the area such as Embers, Torture Chamber, Xenotaph, and Valley of Thorns.

 4.How did Achlyphos members meet and what was your vision of it? 

- It's rather funny how I met the drummer of Achlyphos, Lotan. About 3 years ago I was trying to start a black metal band called Nyctophillia that wasn't working out very well due to members and other things at the time and one day my bassist randomly brings this guy who was to be our vocalist even though I said I was going to be our vocalist once we get a PA and when he I arrived I was just like "who the fuck is this?" And then we didn't really talk or anything for a while until one day he invited me to this 4th of July party and to do some black metal vocals for his death metal band and at the time I wasn't doing much so I was like sure we can try getting something going.
 But pretty much once I joined the guitarist quickly left we decided to do a split vocal Blackened death metal band called Altars Ov Abraxas and had many people join us but non of them really worked out and in the end we had our friend be a part time Drummer and just us two so we just decided in order to get the sound we wanted for that project we needed more dedicated members which we didn't have so we basically just said fuck it he'll be the drummer and I the guitarist/vocals and so we spawned Achlyphos a project that I was trying to get going for a while but wasn't able too due to not having the drum skills that I wanted for it and so we commenced our melancholic journey of raw chaos as a two man band.

5.Is it correct that your first release is the coming 3-way split with Kynisk - Woodswalk? 
How many tracks do you contribute with and what can you tell about your songs & lyrics? 

-Yes, the split is with Kynisk and Woodswalk, it will be all of our first step for our projects. Achlyphos has two part one and part two 10-20min songs. The first part has a more melancholic and mysterious atmosphere while the second has a fiercer and faster paced. 
These two songs tells a tale that Lotan and I have worked on but how he has had the main contribution on the lyrics he will answer more about the lyrics. 

Lotan: "With the Grey Mask on the cover of the split as a huge influence, Erebos and I crafted a tale weaving together, not only the elements of suspense, mysanthropia, Occultism, and cold, unrelenting hatred, but also the combined folklore of the legends of the headless horseman (or huntsman in some cultures). I, Lotan, researched several varieties of this story and with Erebos' contribution, we were able to forge our own calamity on the creation of the decapitated warrior. With Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" for inspiration on lyrical and poetic structure, Achlyphos has effectively given rise to a unique twist on the original tales an
original tales and stories. 
We  look forward to releasing the Two-Part contribution to the Achlyphos - Kynisk - Woodswalk Split."

6.After this split what release plans do Achlyphos have? 

 -  After our split we have planned to start working on our full length which I have already about 5 songs all sketched out in my head mainly guitars, so I'm quite excited to start working on that as soon as we finish recording our split.

7.Any merch on its way? 8.Do you have plans on playing gigs? 

- Yes we are planning after recording our split to invest on CD's, tapes, shirts and patches.

8.Do you have plans on playing gigs? 
We certainly will, it will only be us two for now. We plan on putting on a full on black metal show and getting bands from the area before the end of this year!

9.Well we have come to the bitter end, thanks for your time. 
Last word is yours.

And thank you for this interview, I would simply like to say that Achlyphos has lighten the sparks as they continue to ignite the fire shall burn brighter and brighter as this ritual continues and chaos spreads... 
Look upon forth towards the incoming storm for this is just the beginning and there's much more to be unveiled in the dark fiery void.. 



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