lördag 6 oktober 2012

Drowning the Light - Oceans of Eternity

Let´s stay in Australia for a while....  you dont have to throw a rock so far before you hit another majestic lo-fi black metal band namely Drowning the Light!!

I guess most of you people have heard of this band so i will not go into much detail.(not that i usually do that anyway...)
The creator and captain for Drowning is of course Azgorh and he has also had a "hand" in last nights band Pestiletial Shadows, not so strange when you heard both of them raping ones ears. Great shit both of them but Drowning has climbed the thorny path a great bit further. (further then the most of bands in this genre i might say.)

It is almost impossible to decide wich one(1) album of all (12 full-albums) that Drowning has released thats the best.... but i think the latest one "Oceans of Eternity" is in the top-5 for me.

It has all the ingredients that you drooling for when it comes to this type of melancholic & hateful "raw" music. Great & roomy organic sound and strong melodies is spread like cancer through all the tracks, Azgorh really is a master of  true negative emotions with a big hit of grandeur .(to the whole package.)

 If you longing for a harsh gritty and unforgiving mutilation (Oh! And even fans of Mutiilation should love this too!!!) get this one now!

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