måndag 1 oktober 2012

Hetroertzen - Exaltation of Wisdom

Heteroertzens fourth album is a damn fine example of serious occult black metal, everything from the finetuned mix of harsh nordic tunes from the 90´s with spacy and atmospheric voids from the 00´s brings them over the clouds and into the black sun!

From the first intro track "Incinerating Illumination" to the last majestic (and rocking!) song "The White Priestcraft" you will be spellbound!
 It is evident that much thought has gone into the whole record and it really pays off, the only thing thats a bit off here is the cover artwork.... it is quite cute but could have been better done.... thats strange because all of the other artwork in the booklet etc looks much better, ah well thats just a little "cut in the corner" when everything else is so great as it is here.

And there liveshows this year looks out of the extraordinary, google them why won´t ya!

A must buy!

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