tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Order of the Ebon Hand - XV: the Devil

It is SOO easy to fail in the symphonic black metal genre! Either it gets so shallow and lacking with real  depth or it just gets utterly silly like some known bands that sounds more like som ghost-opera for children...

So when hearing this cd i got a big smile because it was just great and the grandeur parts is mixed is very good, every song is well planned and played and all the wirvelwinds from hell feels close!

It is also an album that displays that you can also include some "new thinking" without loosing its belsebubian sting, i mean that you will hear some musical bits thats dont usually is used in BM but it works just well like some saxophone solos in track 3 "Gateway to Silence". (last time i liked that was in some old Carpanthian Forest song...)

Give it a try cuz i think you like it!

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