onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Satans Wrath - Galloping Blasphemy

There is always a risk of producing something that people will take more as an concept album rather than a "true" debut record from an new intriguing band when you cling unto so many old gimmicks and sounds as Satan´s Wrath do.....BUT! They succeed! (even if it feels more nostalgic then fresh.)

There was no surprise that this release got the spotlight when Taz Danazoglou  was in charge(former bass player in Electric Wizard) but at the same time one got a bit skeptic when the other member was a dude from Scar of the Sun... But that is just me maby... everything went fine though.

Anyway, i must say that Satan´s Wrath whole visual design from its fold-out cd "package" (greatly illustrated)  to its cool & tattoo friendly logotype .

And their influences is (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?!) Venom, Bathory and a Beherit and a lot of Iron Maiden guitar vibes... but after much bragging in the press that this music entity would be really evil and satanic i had some high hopes but as alomst always one should not have high hopes...
this is not dripping of filthy demonic blood and semen as Taz would like.... but it is really good and enjoyable, it is more of an romantic look-back at a time when no "rules" where set in stone etc and everything where burning & creative!

It is evident that they worked hard on it and had great energy and power conceiving it all, it is certain that i will let this "Galloping Blasphemy" spin many times before i will get fed up with it and that is not a bad verdict.

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