tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Bestial Holocaust - Into the Goat Vulva

You get what you see!

This is a no holds barred of old school destruction and if you did not already know this black/trash metal band the singer is a.........GIRL! GHAAA! Well, she (Sonia Sepulcral) does a super jobb! All the demonic screaming and vomiting (and squealing) is just as hellish as it should be.

The influences is the obvious Bathory, Sodom, Slayer, Possessed, Venom etc etc and that may be boring to some but once in awhile i like my steak rare and bloody and then i would love to eat (with my ears) this album...

This is their third full length album (and best!) and there is no signs of "selling out" or anything, just plain sadistic war with some heavy touches all the way!

buy the ticket, take the ride (into the goats ...)!

Here is a taste of the Bolivian madness tracks!

1.     Dios Despiadado         
2.     Eterna Posesión         
3.     Virgin Lust         
4.     Demonios Devoradores         
5.     Premoniciones         
6.     Tierra de Apariencias         
7.     Eterna Transmigración         
8.     Sacrificio        

The playtime ends on around aprox 37 evil minutes!

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