torsdag 11 oktober 2012

TORGEIST - Time of Sabbath

Oh good old times! This takes me back in time to exactly 1995! Well i did not have the opportunity to listen to any of the France bands from Black Legions (Les Lègions Noire or LLN) back then but i remember people talk about them...when they tired of  talking about "the count" from Norway that is.

Of all the LLN bands my favorites is Mütiilation & Belkètre by for me obvius reasons but Torgeist is well worth your time too! Their approach is a bit different but at the same time very similar to the other LLN´s, YES! This is crude, satanic and very undergroundish but they go one step further in making the experience for the listener painfull... like piercing your eardrums cuz the sound (mostly the guitar) is like a soaring highpitched buzzsaw or like killer bees from the crypt ! Pure hell!! And the singer sounds like a wind from an ritualistic nighmare

This is matter of taste if one likes this type of mix or not... i like it very much but it is nothing that goes  well for every mood or moment in life but if you searching sometime for something that will put you in that indefinable state of sinking down in a dark void this will do the trick!

This is the third and final demo (beast)  they did and would only be followed up by one split "Black Legions Metal"  then they split... to bad but thats life, the other thing thats a bit bad is the short playtime of ca 16 minutes other then that this is a good  & pure LLN release!

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