måndag 29 oktober 2012

Ofermod - Thaumiel

Finally the new album is out!
It is not every year an Ofermod album is released (last one was in 2008)
so it is natural to be psyched up about this!

Does it deliver? YES of course it does!

It is a really fulfilling experience to go through all the 8 tracks and
it feels and sounds like the band had much inspiration when
creating all this Draconian spells, maby the new blood is one reason
for this energy?

The soundmix is of high standard and everything sounds clear but
meaty organic and with some unexpected sonically inserts, the singing
is quite fronted & high in the mix but it works well and Mika Hakolas voice
is strong and puts much weight on the "rolling RRRR"... and mr Niklas
"the human knife" Kvarforth guestvocals on the song "Undead Moon"
suites the album & song great! Great sincere emotions and enough poison for 
the lungs of humanity to collapse.

The only minor negative detail i see is some not so great artistic
design on the back of the cd and in the booklet (cover is good.)
other then that everything is king!

And dont miss their gig in Sumpan (if you live in or near Stockholm) now in early

Look it up or crawl in your own vomits!

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