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Hautakammio Interview!

As i had said before i say it again in many cases Finland fucking rules!!

1. As i understand you are quite newly formed? When,where & how did you all
   meet up and started this musical violence?

Grim666: Hautakammio was formed in 2012, as a kind of a continuum to my and Lima's former band Lathspell. I had known R. from Malicious for some time, and he decided to join along with Nagh, whose vocals I knew would suit Hautakammio's sound very well. In spring 2013 Ruho joined as a second guitarist and I moved to play bass, thus giving us ability to play live gigs. 

2.Your debut album "Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä" got out into the cold air
  now in may through Darker Than Black Records, how has the response been?

Grim666: Actually we are still waiting for the release date, Darker Than Black promised release in June, I trust we'll have the album on our hands by the end of the month. So far there has been only positive feedback, and I expect no less.

3.can you elaborate on what goal you had for the music and how did the whole
  process from getting a complete horde to undergoing all the pitch black creative
  proceedings go?

Grim666: Hautakammio is the representation of strength, nihilism, hate towards the christian scum. Musically I wanted to create rapid, pitch black tunes while keeping it simple. Soundwise we all decided on primitive, raw sound that doesn't let you off easy. The recording process was quite simple, only few mics on drums, mono guitars & bass. As I handled the recording and mixing myself, it was a lot more relax situation for all of us. No restraining schedules.

4. Did you release some demo before this album?

Grim666: "Kukaan Ei Opasta Teitä Pimeässä" is our first recording, it was meant to be only a promo for labels but Darker Than Black saw that it would be suitable for a debut album release.

5. If any what earlier band affiliations do you all have?

Grim666: As I mentioned earlier, R. has his magnificent death metal band Malicious. Nagh plays drums for Seal Of  Beleth, vox & drums on Kalmankantaja, also played in Kuolo (r.i.p.). Lima's main bands are Sawhill Sacrifice (HVNK KVLT!), Thaurorod, Amberian Dawn. Ruho has Frogskin, Scarecrow, and played guitar for Lathspell. My current activities include Oath, Kalmankantaja, Order Of The White Hand, Seal Of Beleth & Scarecrow. I also handled bass & vocal duties in Lathspell.

6. Today the 15 june you play a gig with ARSONIST LODGE...i guess when you read these
   questions it is all over and done. How did it go? Brutal? To much to drink?...or to little?

Grim666: Still feeling last night's drinking in the back of my head! Indeed, this was our first gig and we nailed it. No complaints, I think we managed to bring forth the correct dark energy of Hautakammio's music. Arsonist Lodge are such professionals dominating the stage with their punishing sound, just absolute darkness. The whole night was pure alcohol induced worship! Hails to Risto & arsonists!

7. Any other gigs that you are booked for later this year?

Grim666: Not yet, but there will be. Playing live is something that we need to do, the ultimate expression of our art.

8. Besides the sweet t-shirt is there any other merchandise in the making?

Grim666: not at the moment. There was some preliminary talk about a vinyl version of the album but that's left for the future to see.

9. Any thoughts in doing a split with some of your finnish brothers?

Grim666: We are recording a new song for a 4-way split including Hautakammio, Azaghal, Sawhill Sacrifice & Oath. It will be a killer album, wait and see!

10. Thanks for doing this interview! Best of luck now!
      You got the last grim words!!

Grim666: Hails to Raw War, and infernal hails to HVNK KVLT, Satanic Elite!

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