tisdag 18 juni 2013

Warwulf Interview!

As the smell of black blood spreads a beast of cold hate comes forth with great hunger.

One could say that Warwulf could celebrate 10 years of evil madness now!
But is it correct to say that you put Warwulf in a dormant state for approx three years from last
release until now or have you been working on other music or on this freshly released
album "The Archetype of Destruction"?
What happened?

-The Archetype of Destruction was recorded between autumn of 2008 and summer of 2009.
Originally the album was set to release sometime in 2010 via Darker than black records but, due to unknown delays it was finally released 3 years later (May 2013). Upon waiting the release of the album you can say I was in a dormant state, but I was really working on new material for the next line of work.

2. What will the listener get to experience from this new album?

-More raw,hateful,uncompromising black metal. I am very satisfied with how both, the quality and sound turned out, with of course, JFN's professional assistance.

3. From what i understand was your most active periode between 2007 to 2009 with the three demos
"Visions of a Battle that Once Was...", "Forgotten Dreams of a Lost Empire" and "Wampyric Curses"
and one split "Walking the Paths of Despair" with SAD from Greece.
Could you describe these releases and which labels you worked with then, also when i "did my homework" i came across different covers for some of these...were these re releases or?

-These demos are the base ground of early Warwulf, It wasn't until the Sad split, where I realized the great potential Warwulf had.
In regards to the different cover pieces, both Metal Throne Prod (Grc) and Thor's Hammer Prod (Fra) offered me the idea to re-release all those demos in limited quantities and with different layouts.

4.In the beginning in 2003 when your first demo "Wulfschrei" got out was there any decent "channels" to spread your poison then? And what reception did it get?

-At the time I only had a hand number of copies to give out. Without my consent, several individuals actually made more copies than needed to spread the plague and surprisingly had a good reception. It was then re-released by both Metal Throne Prod and Thor's Hammer Prod.

5.Who made your great logos? I am sucker for those.

-The first logo I had requested to be designed, as seen since "Forgotten Dreams" demo, was respectfully created by Daniel Desecrator. The current logo was renovated and reformed by an acquaintance in France.

6. So now with your new album are things moving in the "right direction" for you?

-Things have been gradually moving the right direction for me since day one. However, now with this album release, I can now keep continuing where I had left off into my new line of work.

7. Any gigs planned later this year?

-Never played a gig with Warwulf or have any plans to.

8.Is there any other partners in crime that you like to shine black light unto?
Any horde that´s needs more respect & exposure ?

-There is no need for me to name anyone that needs either exposure or more respect. They already have had a strong influence in black metal today and there names are forever immortalized in the scene. They know who they are and have my have eternal support and respect.

9. Any merchandise in the pipeline?

-Not at the moment, but we'll see.

10. Thanks a lot for your time!
Any final words?

-Thank you. Ave Sathanas.

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