måndag 10 juni 2013

Old Witch Interview!

From the united states of misery comes the Old Witch with a a thornclad cauldron full of lethal herbs and ancient poisons.

1. Greetings!
First i am curious about your background and how you end up concocting the evil
ingredients of black metal, drone & doom metal?

 - I remember the first time I heard 'ye entrancemperium', until that time, my knowledge of metal was limited to what I remembered from being a kid, Maiden, Dio, all awesome stuff but really tame, as well as death metal, though I was never really into that. I thought bands like the Locust were pretty cool and I was into Skinny Puppy and I made noise and goth-y music with my friends. Then out of nowhere there was this song that sounded like god's own anthem, and filled me with a god like feeling of power, darkness, a haunting familiar ancient feeling that was what I had always sensed lurked somewhere in metal but I hadn't heard before. Since then I've obviously heard much more, and felt that feeling in other types of music, though possibly never as pure. I've always wanted to recreate that first feeling of power and majesty that Emperor gave me, but not to simply re create Emperor, but to take the power of Doom, Sludge and heavy Drone and marry it to the atmosphere of Black Metal. Simply put, I wanted to create the Heavy Metal album I always wanted to hear.

 2. You released yourself the first full album last month that´s called "Come Mourning Come", what
emotions and themes is processed in it?

 - The songs are all anthems to the spiritual existence that hides behind our materialistic world, they are hymns to the destruction of our financial districts and malls and they are songs of worship to the deeper metaphysical nature that lies hidden, often very deeply hidden in us all. These are not satanic anthems or pagan, per se - they are what you want them to be, but for me, they echo the strength I feel when I contemplate the natural world, and mankind's puny efforts to overcome - futility and majesty. Also the idea of ancient wisdom and mystery. The name Old Witch I feel brings to mind the feelings I associate with the music, the idea of an ancient revered person living alone in the forest communing with the spirits of the dead, the forces of nature.

 3. Did you release some demo or something before the album?

 - These songs are the first release by Old Witch

 4. Have you been in contact with some labels or vice versa for an official release?

- Old Witch will release the album on tape in The United States on the brand new label Quamvis Tetrico Ascendit Recordings based in Chicago and I have been talking to The Arcane Tapes about a European release.

 5. I saw you was in the radio show "Drones of Hell" through London's Arts Radio Station, how did that happened?
Thanks to this show i found out about you, Sathor from Ars Macabra that also was in the show tipped me about you and i think that was a good tip.

- I've listened to it on line several times, always good stuff! I feel honored to have been played on that show.

 6. Whats the further plans for this year?

- Old Witch is working on a new recording, perhaps to see the light (or darkness if you will) of day in about six months.

 7. How does you local "scene" look like? Is it a cold and empty place or do you have some fellow partners of darkness there?

- There is not much of a metal scene here, but there is quite a bit of a noise, experimental music scene, and surprising a lot of younger folks are dabbling in the imagery and sound of early 80's goth culture. 
Old Witch seems to strike a chord with this crowd. Other than that, there are a surprising number of 'metal' bands who seemed to have gone no further down the road of discovery than Tool. They also seem to enjoy Old Witch, but I am not interested in associating my music with that crowd.

 8. Thanks for your time! Best of luck to you.
Any final words?

- Thank you for your questions. I look forward to creating more music and perhaps further adding to the mythology and the folklore of Metal. 
For me, Metal doesn't occupy the same function as Punk, which is the music of revolution, but it is a type of Folk music, the music of a people, an ongoing, an evolving story whose beginnings are dim and perhaps unknown, who's ending is hidden in an uncertain future. It's not about playing faster than anyone else, or slower, or being kvlt or anything else in particular, but creating amazing new music that evokes the emotions and ideas that are the essence of Metal

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