onsdag 26 juni 2013

Bastard Sapling Interview!

Time to lick the black lightening that strikes you dead twice!

1. Thanks for doing this interview!
How is the work going for the new album?

-no, problem, thanks for having us,hails to all in Sweden and beyond.
writing is going well,pissed of and evil. we will have ten songs split into two full lengths,released on two different labels. Gilead Media and Forcefield records, sometime in 2014.

2. First i wonder how you all got together and formed the band, and
was it hard to get the right type of damaged souls for this?

-BS started on a four track in October 2007 as a solo thing, slowly adding the right people
overtime. In the beginning we only played as a three piece, guitar,drums vocals. Playing
some originals and making up a set by Darkthrone, Emperor covers. It wasnt until we added
a second guitar player that we got our momentum. the 2008 live demo speaks for itself and captures
that ( damaged soul) reference.we arent a gimmicky kind of band,this is jeans and
a t-shirt black metal-so to speak. We dont really give off the grimness visually,but its the music that portrays us.and thats what matters most.

still a long road to nowhere....

3. Compared to your first album "Dragged from Our Restless Trance" that
got out from the darkened woods in 2012 how will the new music be?
As there has not been soo long time between do you consider the new
record as an natural continuation from the last?

- It is a continuation of all forms of black metal, and an evolving, of our sound. There will be some
different passageways explored, its more dreary and pissed of than ever. 

4. As i have not heard the Ep "V: A Sepulcher to Swallow the Sea" i am a
bit curious about it, as i understand its only two songs on it? Whats
its themes and why has it a V as in 5 in its title? How did you come in
contact with the label Tension Head?

"It is technically one song split into two parts. Tension Head is a small label based in VA that wanted to release a 7'' for us.
Phil who runs Tension Head was a big fan of one of Elway's old bands.
It was the only song we had at the time that would be able to fit on a 7''.
As for the V, it was the fifth song we ever wrote. The lyrics are based on a news story I once saw.
A woman saw her child executed by a kidnapper on live TV in Brazil.
It saddened and depressed her so much she decided she no longer wanted to see anything and gouged out her own eyes."

5. How was the reception for your first self released demo
"Bastard Sapling-live demo" in 2008?

-spread like wildfire.

6. As i seen you are quite busy gigging this year, will this hard work
continue the year out?

- we have a festival appearance this weekend in Brooklyn NY, June27-30th.
Martyrdoom Fest II 2013.Other than this fest, we will crawl back into the cave and keep the
writing and recording process first priority.Bestial Mockery from Sweden is actually playing!

3. BESTIAL MOCKERY * SWEDEN (Saturday) *Last Show Ever
4. COUGH (Friday)
5. CHURCHBURN *1st Show Ever (Sunday)
6. CRUCIFIER (Saturday)
9. DEMONIC CHRIST (Saturday)
10. DESOLATE (Saturday)
11. FUNERAL PYRE (Saturday)
12. HELLGOAT (Saturday)
13. HOUR OF 13 (Saturday)
14. KOMMANDANT (Friday)
15. MARTYRVORE (Saturday)
16. MORBOSIDAD (Friday)
17. MORGENGRAU (Saturday)
18. MORPHEUS DESCENDS *original lineup (Saturday)
19. PACT *1st Show Ever (Sunday)
20. PTAHIL (Friday)
21. RAWHIDE *SWEDEN (Sunday)
22. SET *CANADA/USA *1st Show Ever (Friday)
23. SHITFUCKER (Saturday)

7. Any nice merchandise on the horizon?

- New shirts with our new logo from (View From The Coffin).
Id recommend Raul at VFTC to anyone out there thats looking for a quality
True Kvlt logo for your musical blasphemies. the new records will have elaborate layouts and coincide with the music a little more this time around. We have time to prepare for war. 

Cheers and thanks again for the support.

8. Best of luck on the road and to the coming album!

Drew,Mike and Bastard Sapling

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