lördag 22 juni 2013

Khashm Interview!

From Russia comes a great malevolent serpent in the shape & name of Khashm!

Thanks for taking time off for this interview!

-Hails to RawWar zine!

2.Now when your dark energies have grown a lot from the time when your first creation
"Dark Path to His Throne" got released to the Ep "Thy Legions Come" then to the second album
"Portals of Inferno" until now, i then wonder how you would describe your temple of KHASHM
current state of internal power?

-Temple of Khashm becomes stronger with every new day. We have learned to concentrate the flows of a dark energy through our art. Our words have become stronger, music have become darker. Our new brother in blood, I.Winterheart from Ulvdalir, have appeared on a new album of Khashm. So we have two possessed vocals now. Our new work is much stronger than all our old records and we stand on a new stage of the evolution!

3. How does the work on the split with Ulvdalir go? Is there a date to when it will surface?

-The material for this split is written, but i think that we will record this stuff only in winter, cause now Khashm and Ulvdalir have some other work to do. As for Ulvdalir, they have done the record session of a new album and make rehearsals for the upcoming ritual in Arhangelsk together with Khashm.

4. I heard of a live recording you did, has some label embraced it or is it hovering in solitude?

-Yes, you*re right, we*ve done the excellent record of our ritual. Those tracks will make a part of the rereleases of our old albums. This rereleases must be released on a Hammerbund records in this year in a limited idition.

5. besides the split and live recording you seem to be quite activated in manifesting the next
full album? Can you tell something about it?

-The album is recorded and mixed already. This is our best work now. It titles *Serpents of Death*. Now we search the label to manifest this work. I think that this album will be released in the end of this year. This is a monument in the endless glory of Satan and Death. You ll see a lot of black magic in this album.

6. What happened with the now cancelled gig with Ad Hominem & Teitanfyre?

-Teitanfyre are also have cancelled this show. It s a one of the reasons why we have cancelled this gig too. But the main reason was the record session of our new album at this moment. The studio was reserved for this time.

7.The concert/rituals that you did last year (like at Arktika) seems to me they turned out
successful, how do you see it?

-Yes, it was really successful. A real ceremony, a magic rite if you will. The air was filled with witchery, the atmosphere was incredible. The bones of the dead, candles and the right concentration made their work. And we shared the stage with our spiritual brothers from Teitanfyre, so that was amazing.

8. Do you look forward to the coming gig at Black Wings of Death Fest in september? Is there
Any other band that will attend to the "Fest" that you would give extra respect to?

-Yes, it will be a new experience for us, cause we have never performed in the North of Russia yet. We will play together with Ulvdalir. KHASHM and ULVDALIR are the members of inner circle of True Ingrian Black Metal Death. So we will show to Arhangelsk what the true black metal means!

9. As you have gone from strength to strength one can feel that the dawning of your new coming era
will be something to really look forward to!

-We all feel the coming of a new era. Soon we will see a big changes in our world. We are standing before the gates of a new eon. The eon of a knowledge.
And as the knowledge comes from Satan, we must open our souls for its wisdom.

And you got your last word!

-Let your souls fall into the Abyss! AD BARATHRUM! Hail Death, Hail Satan, Hail Chernobog!

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