torsdag 6 juni 2013

Mørktår Interview!

Here is a fresh cut out of Englands Misanthropic spirit, take a taste of Mørktår sufferings.
And those who answers my questions are Sinmara and Thrym Mørktår.

1.Greetings! Your fifth demo "2013" has recently been released how has the reception been?

T: Not bad, most of the CD’s have gone now and we got a 7/10 review for it from Speed Slaughter. But to be honest, I don’t care if people like it or not.

2. How is the work going with the coming album "MISANTHROPIC TERROR PROPAGANDA"? Which label will release it?

S: Very well, we are very satisfied how fast we have progressed recently, especially since Gates joined our horde on the vocals.
T: We are past the planning of it and are now rehearsing the tracks. It will be released by Salute Records.

3. Describe this records internal organs.

S: It's raw, energetic and full of distaste for humankind, which largely does not have much to offer. A brainless mass destroying the earth bit by bit, not caring about anything. This record reflects our abhorrence for the general mass of people.
T: Imagine there is something or someone that you hate so fucking much… My hate is for everyone. I don’t like this life and I don’t like the way I am treated like a cunt. This is my return for what you have all done to me.

4. As you have been fairly productive since the start of Mørktår in 2006 with 5 demos, 2 splits & one EP how do you look at Mørktårs future? And how would you say your sound has changed over the years?

T: We are becoming a stronger force with every rehearsal. Recordings always happening, becoming better and better each time. We have a release coming soon-Misanthropic Terror Propaganda, so that is where we are right now and arranging gigs in London. And yes, the sound has changed very much over the last years, for the best. Not that shitty ‘icy’ sound but now more elite.

5. How & when did you realize your own twisted path in this world? And how did your friends and families take it?

S: Quite early in my childhood - I never wanted to be like all the others, separated myself from the mass, dressed differently and enjoyed punk and hard rock as a small child although no one else I knew liked it. I was a very opinionated and bookish child.... My parents always tried to make me conform, which caused a lot of bad blood between me and my family. Now that I live in a different country it got a lot better and we get along again and they have accepted my path.
T: I’m not twisted and neither is my path, others just don’t get what the fuck they are doing and someone needs to tell them-me.

7. A friend of mine has been nagging me about to starting an own band called Gravesend, so i smiled a bit when i saw that you where living there in the first place. Is that place dead as a cemetery or what?

T: It’s like a massive open cemetery. They are all walking dead. If you have a busy town, you will hear nothing but silence. The only time you hear noise is when you walk past a pub, where everyone there is drunk. In that town it stinks of sewage, you can smell it when you arrive. Everyone there knows what you do, what you drink, where you reside etc, and that is fucking disturbing, you have no anonymity. They are all drugged pikeys, drunk students or just old and all heading towards the grave very quickly.

8. How does Mørktår plans look like for the rest of this evil year?

T: Gigs and maybe one or two more releases.

9. Thanks for this interview!
Any last misanthropic gospels?

T: No.
S: Fuck the rest, fuck what people think of you, live your own life not others.

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